665 the Council Of: (Part One)

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AuthorHouse, 2008 - Fiction - 740 pages
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What s been the purpose of your life if not to love and be loved? That s the story of humanity, and the story of 665. The drama of finding, the needful hope in uncertainty, the dominance and submission, and the grinding within us all to become more together than we are alone. 665 TCT is all the ways we excel in our nobility and fail in our stupidity. It s about social justice and despite our beliefs, what we all share as human beings. Okay, admittedly, not all of us are human or at least all human or, well anyway there s other sides to the story. Twenty-six thousand years ago, an Aries named Adam, was selected to lead the first Council of Twelve. Adam made a decision that ignited the Great War between the Four Prime Evils and us all. Although formed to govern humanity, the Council only exists now to prevent its destruction. This is the story of the 665th Council. You ll laugh, cry, get angry, maybe annoyed and yet, come away enriched over a vortex of sensory engagement. You meet us all: An Asian family, two southern rednecks, a gay couple and Mark: half the Council of Twelve. We circled the world to find the others with the help of a few angels and demons. From humble beginnings in 1962 to the Holy Roman Templar Knights, to Africa, Russia and home again, it has been one hell of a ride! 665 TCT is my honor to share with you. No matter what you ve read in the past you haven t read anything like this. This historical fantasy autobiography is shamelessly erotic, hosting the most elegant and explicit sex in print today. It s drama, comedy, horror and epic fantasy, yet somehow, as familiar as humanity itself.

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