666: The Divine Harmony

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AuthorHouse, Jun 2, 2006 - Body, Mind & Spirit - 376 pages
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For thousands of years 666 has come to be associated with just one thing - the personification of evil: But as this book quite definitely illustrates, 666 has entirely different origins: Not as many suppose - the embodiment of all evil, but as a Universal number that goes to the very heart of existence. This book places 666 in its proper context - a natural, universal, and transcending significance, whose special harmony is to be found as a ubiquitous mark of identity displayed throughout creation. Stunningly, its terrestrial dimensions unite cultures and religions everywhere. Even more remarkably, 666 is the key to a cosmic destiny, whose time cycles are locked into the very proportions of the Universe itself. Time-line of history. Sensationally 666 is also the key to the secret of Atlantis, and its astonishing connection to the prime meridian at Greenwich. But more than anything, this book constitutes a unique journey, charting the mystery of our origins against a repeating set of disasters, that have frequently brought Humanity to the point of extinction. Moreover this journey is a uniquely human experience, encompassing subjects as diverse as the Master Builders, the Culture Bearers, the Hollow Earth, and the rise of the Anti-Christ. In addition 666 - The Divine Harmony analyses the fears and expectations of this age as seen through the visionary insight contained within the quatrains of Nostradamus, and the Book of Revelation. The result is a definitive view of this crucial epoch of human existence - a time without comparison in recorded history.

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