ABA Therapy Guide for Autism

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Independently Published, Jan 14, 2017 - 169 pages
Applied behavior analysis is the top therapy for children with autism. Travis makes the case that ABA therapy is also beneficial to adults with autism. Travis shares his mind as an adult with autism on how ABA therapy helps him learn new and improved social skills and behaviors. Travis explains ABA and how it works from the autistic perspective. While many adults think ABA is bad, Travis loves it.Travis talks advanced ABA with contingencies and generalizations and shows examples of how complex teaching social skills and behaviors becomes the higher functioning the skill or behavior you are trying to teach is. Travis shares how he tries to train himself about different contingencies that can get in the way of his new behaviors and how he works hard to understand ways for him to generalize his new skill or behavior across different social contexts and environments.Travis shares how he feels his mental illness is compounded by the fact that there is not social interventions in his treatment plan like ABA therapy. Travis feels he hears voices that ask him to punish himself and hurt himself at times because he has poor social skills. ABA therapy can be used to help Travis and thousands of others like him on the spectrum advance their social skills and improve their social behaviors. ABA has also been known to help with mental illness and lessen the vocal sensations a person hears while experiencing psychosis and hearing voices.Travis will teach parents and behavior analysts how to approach ABA therapy with your child or client in this amazing book that gives a first of its kind perspective from an adult on the autism spectrum who believes ABA is not just life changing but life saving. Travis says ABA therapy or behavior analysis is for anything that is breathing. If it breathes then it is a behavior that can be worked on. Travis hopes to one day start a non-profit organization that brings ABA therapy to the forefront of the mental health world just like it is in the autism world. This book is full of tips or ideas on how to implement behavior strategies into a child or client's treatment plan that will immediately help them with autism.

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