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HarperCollins Publishers Limited, 2008 - Education - 312 pages
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Chances are if you are interested in this book then you either already live in Fukui Prefecture, Japan, or know somebody that does. Of the nearly 10 million foreign visitors that come to Japan each year, almost none of them will ever set foot in Fukui. Tour guides have all but abandoned those that do, usually offering little more than a page to sum up thousands of years of recorded history, or introduce the prefecture's pristine natural monuments. This gives many tourists a false impression of Fukui, one that seems to suggest that there is little of worth here. Sadly, this couldn't be any further from the truth.Admittedly, Fukui's landmark's are smaller and less impressive than those found in Kyoto or Nara. I would never recommend visiting Fukui before seeing the many glorious treasures of the old capitals. But to know Fukui is to better understand those places. Kyoto, for example, survived on the food provided by this prefecture for hundreds of years, and Nara's temples have a long standing link to temples here. How many thousands of people take part in Todaiji Temple's Water Festival in Nara, without even realizing the 1,200 year old connection it has to Jinguji Temple in Fukui? And there's more! Of the three great samurai warriors from the Age of Civil Wars, all have battled here and have a connection to the prefecture. It is the birthplace of emperors, home to the oldest wooden castle, and a holy destination for hundreds of practicing monks. It is an unknown treasure just waiting for those adventurous enough to find it. It is Fukui, and it is my pleasure to introduce my 100 favorite things about it.

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