A Bay Breeze: A Novel Exploring the Concepts of Faith and Free Will

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iUniverse, Jan 7, 2009 - Fiction
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Everyday billions of people wake up thinking that a god is watching over them as they freely make choices in their lives. Dr. Alan Kosciol, noted neurobiologist, once believed that to be true. But years of research have turned his notion of gods, faith and free will upside down.

In this novel, Dr. Kosciol embarks on a visiting lecture series where he debates the concepts of spirituality and free choice. Returning to his alma mater, Alan finds himself face to face with Robert, his deeply religious brother, and Lori, a lost, but not forgotten, love. All three are united through a series of events that centers on a bioterrorist action that has potentially devastating consequences. However, an underlying theme revolving around the age-old debate of nature versus nurture, and of free will versus predestination, seeps into every page.

"A Bay Breeze" is not simply another novel about human behavior. From the first page, the reader will begin to question not only the characters' actions, but their own beliefs about gods, good and evil, and predestination. One cannot leave this experience without examining their own foundational beliefs in a god.... and wondering if they really have a free will to choose, or are they simply slaves to their own biochemistry.

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