A Bibliography of Finance

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Works in the bibliography focus on issues of lasting importance and are analytical as well as descriptive and essentially all of the articles in such major finance journals as the Journal of Finance and Journal of Financial Economics have been included. Entries are divided into 40 main subject areas broken down into 373 subject categories. They range from Bernoulli's famous paper of 1730 to works published at the end of 1989 with the majority of publications published in the last decade.

Main subjects: General finance. Decisions under uncertainty. Economics of information. The principal-agent relationship. Social responsibility. Capital markets and securities markets. Market microstructure. Intermediation. Efficiency of securities markets. Rates of return on securities. Risk. Portfolio selection. Equilibrium prices of risky assets. Measurement of investment performance. Valuation of common stocks. Accounting information and valuation. Interest rates. Debt and preferred stock. Options. Convertible securities and warrants. Hedging instruments: futures and forwards. Capital expenditures. Cost of capital. New securities issues. Splits and stock dividends. Cash dividends. Company financing and capital structure. Leasing and project finance. Financial planning. Working capital. Mergers and corporate restructuring. Regulated industries. Foreign exchange. Real estate. Commodity markets and exhaustible resources. Other speculative markets. Human capital. Tax. Inflation. Econometrics and statistics.

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