A Blueprint for the Promotion of Pro-Social Behavior in Early Childhood

Sampul Depan
Elda Chesebrough, Patricia King, Martin Bloom, Thomas P. Gullotta
Springer Science & Business Media, 24 Jun 2004 - 428 halaman

It is clear that violence by youth is not to be found only on city streets, in city schools and among city youth but anywhere and everywhere wrathful, disenfranchised young people reside. In this volume, the editors share their insights on the latest research for how families can promote optimal development in children from birth to age six, so they can grow into healthy, happy and competent young adults.

Topics include social-emotional learning; neighborhood and community influences; the role of teachers and other caregivers; and more. The volume includes the actual Bingham Childhood Prosocial Curriculum, so that it can be implemented at any center.

A Blueprint for the Promotion of Pro-Social Behavior in Early Childhood will be a helpful resource for clinical child psychologists, school psychologists, early childhood educators, as well as for upper-level students of these areas.


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SocialEmotional Learning in Early Childhood What We Know and Where to Go for Here
How Teachers and Caregivers Can Help Young Children Become More Prosocial
How to Help Families Promote Optimal Development in Young Children
Neighborhood and Community Influences Favoring the Growth and Development of Young Children
The Integration of Levels of Research Findings
Bingham Early Childhood Prosocial Behavior Program
About the Editors
About the Contributors
Series Mission
University Advisory Commission
National Advisory Commission
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