Book for a Rainy Day, Or, Recollections of the Events of the Last Sixty-six Years

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R. Bentley, 1845 - 306 strán (strany)
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Strana 180 - I have the honour to be, with the greatest respect, my Lord, your Lordship's most obliged humble servant, "ANGELICA KAUFFMANN. " TRINITA DE
Strana 207 - Then farewell, my trim-built wherry, Oars and coat and badge farewell ! Never more at Chelsea Ferry Shall your Thomas take a spell ! — My father got over it, Mr. Boffin, and so shall I.
Strana 125 - Englishman who added the praise of the elegant arts to the other glories of his country. In taste, in grace, in facility, in happy invention, and in the richness and harmony of colouring, he was equal to the great masters of the renowned ages. In portrait he went beyond them ; for he communicated to that description of the art, in which English artists are the most engaged...
Strana 207 - The maidens all flocked in his boat so readily, And he eyed the young rogues with so charming an air, That this waterman ne'er was in want...
Strana 126 - His talents of every kind, powerful from nature, and not meanly cultivated by letters ; his social virtues, in all the relations and all the habitudes of life, rendered him the centre of a very great and unparalleled variety of agreeable societies, which will be dissipated by his death. He had too much merit, not to excite some jealousy ; too much innocence, to provoke any enmity. " The loss of no man of his time can be felt with more sincere, general, and unmixed sorrow. "HAIL! AND FAREWELL!
Strana 125 - Sir Joshua Reynolds was, on very many accounts, one of the most memorable men of his time. He was the first Englishman who added the praise of the elegant arts to the other glories of his country. In taste, in grace, in facility, in happy invention...
Strana 126 - In full happiness of foreign and domestic fame, admired by the expert in art, and by the learned in science, courted by the great, caressed by sovereign powers, and celebrated by distinguished poets, his native humility, modesty, and...
Strana 124 - His illness was long, but borne with a mild and cheerful fortitude, without the least mixture of any thing irritable or querulous, agreeably to the placid and even tenor of his whole life. He had, from the beginning of his malady, a distinct view of his dissolution ; and he contemplated it with that entire composure, which nothing but the innocence, integrity, and usefulness of his life, and an unaffected submission to the will of Providence, could bestow.
Strana 5 - At the late Theatre in Goodman's Fields, this day will be performed a Concert of Vocal and Instrumental Music, divided into two parts. Tickets at Three, Two, and One Shilling. Places for the boxes to be taken at the Fleece Tavern, near the Theatre. NB Between the two parts of the Concert will be presented an Historical Play, called the Life and Death of KING...
Strana 125 - ... those who professed them in a superior manner did not always preserve when they delineated individual nature. His portraits remind the spectator of the invention of history and of the amenity of landscape. In painting portraits he appears not to be raised upon that platform, but to descend to it from a higher sphere.

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