A Boy's Workbook of Life: Real Life Stories and Other Stuff for Boys, 10 to 16 Years Old and Their Guardians

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AuthorHouse, Dec 29, 2005 - Self-Help
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This workbook is a collection of short stories and word games designed to create a bond between a male child and the guardian in his life. The boy will be more receptive to his guardian's opinions and ideas because there will be an exchange, not just someone dictating and him listening. There will be a conversation where he can talk about his feelings and opinions. There is not doubt in my mind that the relationship between the boy and his guardian will be greatly improved by this workbook. His guardian will know him much better and the boy will understand how his guardian expects him to lead his life. This is a unique way to get a boy to express his unique thoughts and opinions, while at the same time he will listen and understand his guardian's opinions and moral values.
This workbook will generate true conversations between young boys and their guardians. They are about situations that happen to boys from a male perspective. These are true stories, some of them happened to the author directly, and some happened to friends or other boys he knew while growing up. Having grown up without a father the author wanted to provide a way to bring up sensitive issues to a young boy. This is for anyone caring for a boy; single mother, father, grandmother, aunt, uncle, older sister, brother, cousin, stepfather or good friend. The situations described in these stories have happened to most every male at some time before he reached the age of 25. This workbook is a way to help prepare young boys, for events that will more than likely happen to him in life. As a father, the author knows how difficult it is to bring up certain issues to a child. You want to protect your son and not expose them to the bad things in life. The truth is, there is no way to keep them away from the unpleasant things in life, and you would only delay the inevitable.

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