A Brazilian Security Strategy

Front Cover
U.S. Army War College, 2002 - Brazil - 47 pages
Subsequent to the conclusion of the era of the military regime, the Federative Republic of Brazil has not prepared a formal document which consolidates national security strategies. A wide range of partial and individualized security policies and strategies were and are existent, but they are set forth and published in numerous directives spread throughout Government agencies and departments, ensuring the difficulty of implementing a single, cohesive policy. This project proposes to merge the numerous programs and directives that have been previously adopted by the Brazilian government and to complement these policies with new concepts developed by the author. To present an organized national security strategy, this paper starts by defining an own concept of national security. National values and interests are then described. Next, major global trends are briefly considered, with a view to possible influences on Brazil during the next 15 to 20 years. Subsequently, serious threats are presented. The main body of the project contains objectives, elements, and perceived methods to implement a unified Brazilian national security strategy. Finally, the reader's attention is directed to the fact that almost all successful countries in the world have a formal document delineating their national security strategies - Brazil should and must follow this precept.

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