A Brief History of Mexico

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Infobase Publishing, 2009 - History - 324 pages

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From the rise of the first civilizations of North America, continuing through the cataclysm of the Spanish conquest and the explosive revolution of Emiliano Zapata and Pancho Villa to the intensely contested presidential election of 2006, Mexico has had a vibrant and dynamic history.

A Brief History of Mexico, Fourth Edition brings readers up to date on developments in Mexico, helping them understand the deeper significance of recent events. Since Felipe Calderón took office in 2006 amidst violent protests, his reforms have been aimed at drug cartels, poverty, restructuring the role of government in private businesses, and attempts to foster trade agreements with other nations. Despite the many obstacles it faces today, Mexico has become a democratic nation with checks and balances, free elections, and the ability to build a better future.

Coverage includes:

  • Mexico's pre-Columbian civilizations as well as contemporary indigenous cultures
  • The challenge of revitalizing Mexico's people and resources in this new period of multiparty democracy
  • The environment
  • North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)
  • The testing of the new democratic institutions by the close results of the 2006 presidential election and months of protest claiming electoral fraud
  • Accusations of human rights abuses by Amnesty International and the United Nations at the end of Vicente Fox's presidency
  • The war on the drug cartels.

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A brief history of Mexico is an admirable effort only if the accuracy of the history matches the brevity. Who the heck is Pedro de Alvarez, Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna was not executed for treason, etc.,etc. Not even worth the effort to cross reference questionable statements. The ones I checked were all wrong, and I wasn't even 1/3 through the book. I have tossed this book in the recycle bin. 

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I would NOT recommend this book. If you are looking for a real history book were the events are presented professionally and impartially this is NOT a good book to recommend. If you want the opinion of the author well that is up to you. The Author is not professional or impartial in presenting the historic events. The facts of the events are not told with all sincerity and a side is taken since the beginning of the book.  


1 The First Peoples
2 Diversity of Mesoamerican Civilization
3 The Age of Conquest
4 The Founding of An Empire
5 The Colony of New Spain
6 The Bourbon Reforms and Independence
9 The Revolution of 1910
10 The Institutionalized Revolution
11 The March toward Democracy
12 A More Democratic Mexico
Appendix 1 Basic Facts about Mexico
Appendix 2 Chronology
Appendix 3 Bibliography
Appendix 4 Suggested Reading

7 Years of Chaos
8 The Porfiriato Dictatorship

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Lynn V. Foster is a writer, former research scholar, and adjunct faculty member in the Hispanic Studies Department of the University of Massachusetts at Boston. She is the author of Facts On File's Handbook to Life in the Ancient Maya World and A Brief History of Mexico.

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