A Brief on Threats to 21st Century Democracy and the Implications of Postmodernism: The Medicine of Metaphysics

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AuthorHouse, Jun 25, 2008 - Religion - 192 pages

Philosophers, theorists, writers and such commentators use various yardsticks of measurement when trying to gauge the temperature and general well-being of the human condition. This book seeks to investigate the state of the human condition as it stands in the 21st century, thus far. To this end, the concepts of democracy and postmodernism are given much attention in this book. Several threats to 21st century democracy are examined, as 'real' world issues are highlighted as examples for you the reader to assimilate.

This exercise exposes that some threats to democracy are underpinned by the factors of religion and religious fanaticism. This reality is shown to be an indication of a retarded state of human development, so metaphysical philosophy and postmodernism are proffered as concepts that encapsulate the ideological medicine that is necessary to remedy this state of retardation.

The postmodern debate is therefore assessed, as this book seeks to further define postmodernism while trying to transform this intriguing and otherwise profound concept, into a more cognitively palatable philosophical construct. A metaphysical interpretation of postmodernism is given in an endeavour to reveal that postmodernism has an eclectic core that is, in part, spiritual in nature. Time graphs are provided, showing the developmental trajectory of both modernism and postmodernism, as they progress through time. It is hoped that these graphs serve to show even clearer, what is the real situation of societal evolution before and during the reign of postmodernism.  

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About the author (2008)

Fabian Mc Donald Burnett, through his writings, has always been interested in matters related to the state of the human condition and the future of mankind. He remains committed to dealing with issues that are pivotal to the advancement of humankind as a civilisation. His uncanny ability to show in text that the physical sphere and the metaphysical sphere are very much part of the same whole, is but one of his many literary skills and talents.

Fabian's remarkable literary prowess is buttressed by the fact that Fabian holds a Diploma in Holistic Health Therapy; a Bachelor of Arts degree in History; a Master of Arts degree in History; and a Ph.D. in Holistic Life Coaching, to name but some of his academic achievements. He is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in International Affairs and completing an Advanced Diploma in Herbalism as he is always keen to learn new skills that can improve his skills as a holistic health therapist. He currently lives with his wife in Switzerland.      

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