A Candle for Lucifer

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M-Y Books, 2012
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Andrew de Berry is a retired prison chaplain and vicar, who has long felt ill at ease working within the constraints of an Establishment (The Church of England), whose Christianity seems to be constantly undermined by what he would call a respectable 'Churchianity. It is in this vein that he has written two psycholical thriller, the sequel being Chasing the Serpent. A Candle for Lucifer depicts how to outward appearances good and evil are easily confused, when masked by religion. To those within the Church, the central figure Revd Canon Wilkes appears to be a good and devout man, although to a group of drinkers in the local pub he is quickly identified as pure evil. The book also revolves around an assortment of characters that include Wilkes' dysfunctional family.From the Latin 'lux' meaning Light, Lucifer is another name for the planet Venus when it rises as the morning star.The author has received numerous accolades from his books already out in paperback. Top crime writer Colin Wilson writes: 'I missed a book review on account of reading A Candle for Lucifer in two morning sittings. Riveting! The writer gets right inside the criminal mind.' Leading thriller writer Robert Harris writes: 'Andrew de Berry is to be congratulated for challenging the hypocrisy and corruption of the Church, and for his ebullience in doing so in the form of a crime novel.'

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