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Physician and ventriloquist, Rama Pemmaraju Rao brings magic and fun in these tales.

These stories contain vivid imagery, clever rhyming story lines, and colorful characters all designed to walk school age children through magic and fun in order to help discover gifts, talents, and lessons from the heart. They are designed to offer useful and vital messages on how to build character and develop self-esteem. Their central focus is on self-empowerment and love as well as on themes of giving and sharing.

The Wicked Piglet and Princess Sue is a snappy and humorous tale. The wicked piglet is so greedy, mischievous, and dirty that no one in the town of Genji can tolerate his pranks. Finally, Mister Stork takes the squealing piglet to see Princess Sue, who is under a spell from the country witch. The spell can only be broken through a kiss from the piglet. Read this tale to see how the piglet transforms his heart and changes his selfish behavior.

Written for late kindergarten through fifth grade.

Gupta and White Tiger Cub is a touching tale set in the jungles of India. Little Gupta finds a white tiger cub in the jungle and befriends him. However, Gupta and the whole village are in for a surprise and quite a scare, when the adult tigers find their cub missing. This story is about love, friendship, and the tender heart of a child who loves his newly found pet, despite the fact that he cannot ultimately keep the cub.

Ideal for late kindergarten through fifth grade.

Mooney Gin Rummy - the Ventriloquist Dummy is a delightful story about a dummy who finds he has a tummy ache and does not know why. He visits Donny Pumpkinhead and together they visit the "Dummy doctor." Mooney discovers he has stage fright and then arranges a show to overcome his fear. This show is a smash and Mooney becomes aware that his fear leaves when he faces it. This story teaches self-empowerment despite our shortcomings.

Written for Children ages 3 through second grade.

Wu Shang Shi and the Quan Yin Queen is a story with vivid imagery and a very clever story line. Little Wu Shang Shi is so poor and wants to help his family. The mean landlord is greedy and stinky and is always bothering his parents. Wu Shang Shi seeks out the Wuan Yin Wueen through some friends to obtain some magical powers to fight the mean landowner. However, Wu discovers the power of his mind and heart is more useful and magical than the powers he thinks he needs.

Kids from first through sixth grade will certainly feel inspired and entertained.

Jean Pierre and Visitors of Light is a story about a little boy who befriends some helpful aliens while playing in the forest. He loves them so much and wants everyone to hear of their helpful hands for the people of the earth. However, no one believes him at first, until he becomes strong enough to speak his Truth. He is well rewarded when the visitors show up in spaceships above the jeering town. This is a story of bravery, hope, and feeling strong with our own experience, despite what others say.

It is written for late kindergarten through fifth grade.

Rallo the Brown Clown is a tale that teaches the futility of racial discrimination. A town of playful white clowns has no idea what to do when Rallo, a brown clown, visits their picnic and show. The white clowns play mean tricks and end up soaked in a big tub. They then realize at the end that they are all friends--one and the same--through an interesting twist in the story.

Ideal for late kindergarten through fourth grade.

The Wizard Lizard is a mys

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