A Case for the American People: The United States v. Donald J. Trump

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Crown, Jul 28, 2020 - Political Science - 304 pages
The Democrats’ special impeachment counsel on the House Judiciary Committee lays out President Trump’s shocking pattern of betrayals, lies, and high crimes, arguing articles of impeachment to the ultimate judges: the American people.
In his behind-the-scenes account of the attempts to bring the president to justice—from filing the very first legal actions against him, through the Mueller report, to the turbulent impeachment and trial, to the president’s ongoing wrongdoing today—Norman Eisen, at the forefront of the battle since the day of Trump’s inauguration, pulls back the curtain on the process. He reveals ten proposed articles of impeachment, not just the two that were publicly tried, all of which he had a hand in drafting. He then guides us through Trump’s lifelong instincts that have dictated his presidency: a cycle of abuse, corruption, and relentless obstruction of the truth.
Since taking the oath of office, Donald Trump has been on a spree of high crimes and misdemeanors, using the awesome power of the presidency for his own personal gain, at the expense of the American people. He has inflamed our divisions for his electoral benefit, with flagrant disregard for the Constitution that makes us America. Each step of the way, he has lied incessantly, including to cover up his crimes. And yet he remains in the country’s highest office.
Congress, federal and state prosecutors, and courts have worked to hold the president accountable for his myriad offenses—with some surprising successes and devastating failures. Eisen, who served as special counsel to the House Judiciary Committee for Trump’s impeachment and trial, presents the case against Trump anew. Eisen’s gripping narrative and rousing closing argument—at turns revelatory, insightful, and enraging—will inspire our nation of judges. History has proven that this president’s nefarious behavior will continue, no matter the crisis. But, as Eisen’s candid retelling affirms, there is an ultimate constitutional power that transcends the president’s, a power that can and must defeat him if our nation is to survive. The verdict of the American people remains in the balance. It is time for us to act.

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This first-hand account of the most flawed impeachment of the most flawed president is just one more quasi-political pundit trying to make their "book-deal money" from a left-wing audience only, and Eisen does (dare I match this with the impeachment arguments), not have the moral authority to judge anyone. If you want to read a book about how Trump is the devil-incarnate, there are about 258 books with more factual information and less-biased muckraking than he has stooped to. Didn't Michelle Obama famously state, "When they go low, we go high"? Well this is "when they go low, we throw out constitutional/federal law for some murky utilitarian sense of what se Democrats believe is better for you".
Ad nauseam. For someone who failed to produce a compelling case against the president, when all the cards were on the side of the left, is repugnant. If you had just not rushed everything in your zeal to get him kicked out of office/resign, he would have shot himself in the foot with a larger caliber round and the Democrats would have actual political clout and some moral high-ground for which they could have launched an effective case, one where you didn't have to hide the "star-witness" so he wouldn't have to be under oath, one where Schiff wouldn't have needed to destroy any integrity that existed (which was very, very little) by usurping the proper channels, lying to the American people about improper conduct as he contacted the whistleblower much earlier than he admitted to, and essentially every aspect of this house inquiry was farcical.
If only you and your colleagues could have waited. If only you had the integrity to look at yourself in the mirror in the morning and think "I will lead by example, showing how great America truly is, and not succumb to the political gamesmanship that I will surely endure". If only you didn't think it was a good idea to have Schiff leading this inquiry. If only this inquiry could have stayed one one or two articles instead of changing them when the evidence did not back up your claims. If only Washington DC didn't warp logical reasoning and the ability to conduct coherent, cogent "investigations". If only the self-aggrandizment could be paused for a brief moment and put America's best interest in front of yours. For someone who was part of the impeachment team and one of the lawyers to argue your case to the Senate, there is nothing new or remotely interesting in this riveting firsthand account. We all know now what many knew at that time (but people like you refused to entertain the possibility that anything the FBI, CIA, Mueller investigation, FISA court applications, or anything in general was untoward or wrong).
That is the hubris that you fail to mention which repeatedly defeated your crusade to impeach at all costs. If you only would have waited a short while for Trump to do a?sonething so heinous (*and illegal*, a big distinction in the biggest political action one will ever take)... You should have titled this ego-stroking memoir "If Only". The American people were counting on you to call out lies on both sides when you knew they were there, not ignore your sides bullish contempt for law. This is a major reason why you were a laughing stock and the impeachment became a bigger farce every day it lasted. Thank speaker Pelosi for her political acumen, as well.
A little advice to anyone who does not have their mind made up as to whether you should buy this book or not: Don't. You already know the situation as it happened, this book adds nothing new or different than the hundreds of other profiteers leveraging their soul and politicking. There's lots of blame to be cast on the entire impeachment inquiry, but sadly there is no owning up to 95% of your own intentional or accidental errors (lies, coaching witnesses, omission of material facts/witnesses, blaming the Senate for not investigating after the house just did such a tremendous job for their

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Norman Eisen was special counsel to the House Judiciary Committee from 2019 to 2020, including for the impeachment and trial of President Donald Trump. He previously served as ethics czar for President Barack Obama and then as his ambassador to the Czech Republic. Eisen is a senior fellow in Governance Studies at the Brookings Institution, and his previous books include The Last Palace and Democracy’s Defenders. He lives in Washington, D.C., with his family.

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