A Cat's Chance in Hell

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iUniverse, Jun 22, 2007 - Fiction
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A novel of suspense set in Beirut, in which a Lebanese-American commando devised a reckless plan to rescue a CIA agent held hostage by a Hezbollah terrorist chieftain. Its finale takes place in the Roman ruins of Baalbeck.

The author has an intimate grasp of the region where he has lived most of his life. Dark back streets are the setting for this novel of action where retaliation is sacred; heaven is the future abode of those who commit suicide.

The Hezbollah chieftain is an addict and trader of hashish. Abdo Ihsan, the protagonist hints his interest of buying the drug. The chieftain promises to get him some. Abdo also learns that the Hezbollah chieftain uses the release of a falcon to blind his foes. Abdo bribes a prostitute to make the Hezbollah chieftain smoke hashish adulterated with sleeping potion.

On the night of rescue, the Hezbollah chieftain becomes sick and cannot chase Abdo kidnapping the CIA agent. His only hope is to set loose the falcon to use its poisoned talons to stop Abdo. But the commando tricks the falcon into its death and they are saved from harm as they get outside the country.

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