A CHANGE OF HABIT: A Spiritual Journey From Sister Mary Kateri To Sister Mary Vodka

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Balboa Press, Dec 12, 2011 - Religion - 220 pages
“Growing up Catholic, I could relate to so many of the references and the experiences Patty shares—but you don’t have to be raised Catholic to know about guilt—and this is a book for everyone! Patty’s perspective is to impart truth in a fun and light-hearted way, and that is exactly what reading this book will let you do—lighten your heart!” – Gerry Gavin, author “Messages from Margaret” and Hay House radio host. “A Change of Habit takes you on an extraordinary journey into the world of hope and inspiration. Regardless if you are just beginning your journey, or are highly enlightened, this profound story will have a major positive impact on your life.” – Nick Bunick, author of the New York Times bestseller “The Messengers”

A Change of Habit recounts a spiritual journey that started when a religious eddy hurls seventeen-year-old Patty into a convent in the 1960s. Her deeply embedded guilt drives her to obey the Catholic Church, please her earthly father, and say yes to her heavenly Father. But in the convent, she fails to find happiness in religious rites and rules. Her time in the convent parallels changes wrought in religious life by Vatican II, including changes of names and attire. After leaving the convent following seven years of service, she assumes she can pick up her life and move on. But once the religious habit comes off , long-practiced habits of poverty, chastity, and obedience dog her into married life. Finally facing the reality mirror, she breaks out the debilitating patterns learned in the convent.

In finding true spirituality and finally listening to the God within, she shakes the destructive habit of guilt. Her story speaks to like-minded “guilt sponges,” offering hope on their personal spiritual quests. She shares the seven secrets to guilt-free living learned on her journey. A Change of Habit is not the story of a girl breaking from the convent to live happily ever after; the story’s uniqueness hinges on how ingrained duty lodges. This story of personal reinvention and empowerment that takes place over forty years shows that it’s never to late to change one’s future.

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