A Collection of Short Gospel Poems

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Trafford Publishing, 2002 - Poetry - 54 pages
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This is a collection of short gospel poems composed to bring healing and deliverance to the masses. The collection offers hope to those that are hopeless and help to those who need it. The tone of the collection is one of faith in knowing that God is and will do just wnat he says He will do. All who read the collection will find something of value in it for themselves or someone else they know. While reading the collection, one is transported to the realms of The Spirit where one can exist where all power belongs to God, the Ruler Supreme and no one has to cry or die. For example, the poem titled The Lord Jesus Is My Man clearly depicts ever lasting life via the written words, "I shall die and know Him still when He carries me away from here".

Equally as evident in the realm of love, the poem titled, How My King Appeared to Me shows a love for Jesus The Christ that is unmatched in brilliance and un-paralleled in purity. The reader knows and understands the meaning of the expression "I would go to different places through-out the city and you would show up! I'd be walking and you'd appear beside me. In front of me. I was afraid at first because you appeared so suddenly, but you caused me to know that it was you and I would fear no more.

I Am In Love With The Lord Jesus Christ demonstrates the un-dying love for Jesus The Christ King that leaves the reader knowing that there is more to come and more to what they have been thinking and feeling in terms of what "true" love is and how it goes. The reader learns the differences between love and lust as the imperfections of "falsehoods and indiscretions on love and how it goes" are revealed and displayed "up-close" for all to see.

In reading the collection, one is able to enjoy God in His totality, hear about Him and His goodness and ten experience firsthand the power of God in the highest as they allow Him to come into their lives and empower them to "be saved". The Prayer of Salvation is steadfast in the realm of the parent and the child finding, loving, caring for each others' thoughts, views, wishes, and feelings.

Lastly, the reader is made starkly aware of the power of God as He dis-allows the successes of the enemies of The United States of America and supports the United States of America and the entire world as they respond to search out and destroy terrorism and its' support world-wide. These truths are evident in the poem You Are The Best Lord Jesus where the United States of America requests and receives God's help in its global war on terrorism.

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