A Compendium of Roman Law: Founded on the Institutes of Justinian, Together with Examination Questions Set in the University and Bar Examinations (with Solutions) and Definitions of Leading Terms in the Words of the Principal Authorities

Stevens and Haynes, 1878 - 271 sivua

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Sivu 16 - INSTITUTES OF GAIUS AND JUSTINIAN. With copious References arranged in Parallel Columns, also Chronological and Analytical Tables, Lists of Laws, &<c. &<c. Primarily designed for the Use of Students preparing for Examination at Oxford, Cambridge, and the Inns of Court. BY SEYMOUR F. HARRIS, BCL, MA, OF WORCESTER COLLEGE, OXFORD, AND THE INNER TEMPLE, BARRISTER-AT-LAW, AUTHOR OF "UNIVERSITIES AND LEGAL EDUCATION.
Sivu 16 - ... each point, from the very exact and accurate references to titles and sections given he can at once refer to the original writers. The concise manner in which Mr. Harris has arranged his digest will render it most useful, not only to the students for whom it was originally written, but also to those persons who. though they have not the time to wade through the larger treatises of Paste, Sanders, Ortolan, and others, yet desire to obtain some knowledge of Roman Law.
Sivu 16 - SAVIGNY'S TREATISE ON OBLIGATIONS IN ROMAN LAW. BY ARCHIBALD BROWN, MA Edin. and Oxon., and BCL Oxon., of the Middle Temple, Barrister-at-Law.
Sivu 40 - There are other points we had marked for comment, but we must content ourselves with heartily commending this new edition to the attention of the profession. It is seldom we come across a book possessing so much interest to the general reader and at the same time furnishing so useful a guide to the lawyer.
Sivu 31 - BROOKE'S New Cases in the time of Henry VIII., Edward VI., and Queen Mary, collected out of BROOKE'S Abridgment, and reduced alphabetically under their proper heads and titles, with a table of the principal matters.
Sivu 25 - The decisions under them are legion in number, and not at all times consistent with each other. An attempt to reduce the mass of decisions into something like shape, and the exposition of legal principles involved in the decisions, under any circumstances, must have been a work of great labour, and we are pleased to observe that in the book before us there has been a combination of unusual labour with considerable professional skill. . . . We cannot conclude our notice of this work without saying...
Sivu 21 - Friend^' — Canada Law Journal. Third Edition, in 8vo., 1880, price 5^., cloth, . SELF-PREPARATION FOR THE FINAL EXAMINATION. CONTAINING A COMPLETE COURSE OF STUDY, WITH STATUTES, CASES, AND QUESTIONS ; And intended for the use of those Articled Clerks who read by themselves. By JOHN INDERMAUR, Solicitor.
Sivu 37 - ON JUDGMENTS AND ORDERS. BEING A TREATISE UPON THE JUDGMENTS, DECREES, AND ORDERS OF THE COURT OF APPEAL AND HIGH COURT OF JUSTICE, Chiefly in reference to Actions assigned to the Chancery Division. WITH COMPLETE FORMS OF ORDERS. Jfeeconb (iEtottion, consifterablg enlarged BY LOFTUS LEIGH PEMBERTON, One of the Registrars of the Supreme Court of Judicature ; Author of " The Practice in Equity by way of Revivor and Supplement...
Sivu 36 - Knowledge is of two kinds. We know a subject ourselves, or we know where we can find information upon it.

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