A Compleat History of the Late War in the Netherlands: Together with an Abstract of the Treaty at Utrecht, Volume 1

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Page 111 - ... with forty squadrons, to view the ground ; but found the enemy had already possessed themselves of it. Whereupon we resolved to attack them, and accordingly, we marched between three and four yesterday morning...
Page 15 - Britain, our lieutenants of our several counties, governors of our forts and garrisons, and all other officers and soldiers under them, by sea and land, to do and execute all acts of hostility, in the prosecution of this war against the said King of Spain, his vassals and subjects, and to oppose their attempts.
Page 4 - your feveral addrefles fo unanimous a concurrence in the " fame opinion with me, that too much cannot be done for " the encouragement of our allies, to reduce the exorbitant
Page 15 - Partys concern'd fhou'd mutually affift each other with their whole ftrength ; and whereas inftead of giving the fatisfaction that ought juftly to be expected, the French King has not only proceeded to farther violence, but has added thereunto a great Affront and Indignity to us and our Kingdoms, in taking upon him to declare the pretended Prince of Wales King of England, Scotland and Ireland, and has alfo...
Page 112 - ... soldiers behaving themselves with the greatest courage and resolution, the horse and dragoons having been obliged to charge four or five several times.
Page 23 - Aflairs,that the King of France, and the prefent King of Spain, are one and the fame in Effect ; and that the King of Spain can do, nor will do nothing, but what the King of France pleafes, and will have him to do : Even that the Kingdoms of France and Spain are United into one. It follows from thence, that whatever the King of France has done againft us, and our Allies, in the Name of the King of Spain, muft be taken artel underftood to be made by the King of Spain himfelf, ,or at leaft by both...
Page 19 - Permiifion and Confent of the late King of Spain, for the Defence and Security of the faid Country ; and with a great deal of Difficulty, was at laft perfuaded to let our faid Troops return home, after they were very much weakn'd.
Page 157 - The only consolation that remains, sir, in my misfortunes, is, that I have done nothing contrary to your orders, which Marshal Villeroy cannot but acknowledge, as well as all the officers of the army, who have seen me expose myself as much as the meanest soldier ; and if the peril of my life would have purchased a victory, it would assuredly not have been my fault that your majesty's arms had not been triumphant. But the evil has befallen us, and what remains is to seek the means of remedying it....
Page xi - Fering it, to the utmoft of our power, to be violated. Provided always, that his Sacred Imperial Majefty, and the faid States...
Page 20 - Ketlxrlande, the Barrier of this State, where it appears (as indeed they write it from Spain) that the faid Provinces have been abfolutely yielded and made over to the King of France; and that he exercifes an Abfolute Authority over them, bo:h in Civil and Military Affairs, and likewife in matters of Finances.

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