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Page 36 - 6d. CHALMERS ON THE ADAPTATION OF EXTERNAL NATURE TO THE MORAL AND INTELLECTUAL CONSTITUTION OF MAN. With Memoir of the Author by the Rev. Dr. Cumming, and Portrait. PROUT'S TREATISE ON CHEMISTRY, METEOROLOGY, AND THE FUNCTION OF DIGESTION, considered with reference to Natural Theology. 4th edition. Edited by Dr. JW Griffith. With Index and 2 Maps.
Page 30 - OF. Comprising the Golden Ass, God of Socrates, Florida, and Discourse of Magic. To which is added, a Metrical Version of Cupid and Psyche, and Mrs. Tighe's Psyche. With Index and Frontispiece. ARISTOPHANES' COMEDIES. Literally Translated, with Notes and Extracts from Frere's and other Metrical Versions, by WJ Hickie. With Portrait. 2 vols. Vol. I.—Acharnians, Knights, Clouds, Wasps, Peace, and Birds.
Page 4 - (>d. HISTORY OF THE HOUSE OF AUSTRIA. From the Foundation of the Monarchy by Rhodolph of Hapsburgh to the Death of Leopold II., 12181792. By Archdn. Coxe. Together with a Continuation from the Accession of Francis I. to the Revolution of 1848.
Page 21 - comprising the History of England from the Descent of the Saxons to AD 1235, formerly ascribed to Matthew Paris. Translated from the Latin, with Short Notes and Index, by JA Giles, DCL 2 vols. SIX OLD ENGLISH CHRONICLES: viz., ASSER'S LIFE OF
Page 39 - STOCKHARDT. EXPERIMENTAL CHEMISTRY. A Handbook for the Study of the Science by simple experiments. Edited by CW Heaton, FCS With Index and numerous Woodcuts. New edition, revised throughout. NS URE'S (Dr. A.) COTTON MANUFACTURE OF GREAT BRITAIN, systematically investigated; with an Introductory View of its Comparative State in Foreign Countries. Revised
Page 39 - 6d. ECONOMICS AND FINANCE. THE HISTORY, PRINCIPLES, AND PRACTICE OF BANKING. By the late JW Gilbart, FRS, formerly Director and General Manager of the London and Westminster Bank. New edition, Revised to the year 1881 by AS Michie, Deputy Manager of the Royal Bank of Scotland, London. With Portrait of Gilbart. 2 vols. los. NS
Page 3 - CARREL. HISTORY OF THE COUNTER-REVOLUTION IN ENGLAND for the Re-establishment of Popery under Charles II. and James II., by Armand Carrel; together with Fox's (Right Hon. CJ) History of the Reign of James II. and Lord Lonsdale's Memoir of the Reign of James II. With Portrait of Carrel after Viardot.
Page 17 - 6d.per set.) BLEEK. INTRODUCTION TO THE OLD TESTAMENT. By Friedrich Bleek. Edited by Johann Bleek and Adolf Kamphausen. Translated from the second edition of the German by GH Venables, under the supervision of the Rev. E. Venables, Residentiary Canon of Lincoln. 2nd Edition, with Corrections. With Index. 2 vols.
Page 40 - 800 pages). IOT. — INDEX OF DATES. Comprehending the principal Facts in the Chronology and History of the World, from the Earliest to the Present Time, alphabetically arranged ; being a complete Index to Bonn's enlarged Edition of Blair's Chronological Tables. By JW
Page 81 - See BOHN'S ST. LIB. REDGRAVE (S.) A DICTIONARY OF ARTISTS OF THE ENGLISH SCHOOL: Painters, Sculptors, Architects, Engravers, and Ornamentists, With Notices of their Lives and Works. By Samuel Redgrave, joint Author of 'A Century of Painters of the English School." New edition, revised. Demy 8vo. ids.

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