A Complete Minor Surgery: The Practitioner's Vade Mecum, Including a Treatise on Venereal Diseases

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Gross & Delbridge, 1882 - Homeopathic surgery - 423 pages
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Page 26 - Hemorrhage from the ears, if in a young person, is indicative either of rupture of the membrana tympani, or fracture of the base of the skull, involving the petrous portion of the temporal bone. Hemorrhage from the rectum, in case of severe injury affecting the abdomen, is diagnostic of rupture of some of the vessels within that cavity. In tumors associated with aneurismal enlargement^ the activity of the local circulation is strongly indicative of the disease.
Page 267 - Before applying this plaster to the elbow, an assistant should press the elbow well forward nrnl inward, and retain it there, while the plaster is continued over the elbow and fore-arm (pressing the latter close to the chest, and securing the hand near the opposite nipple ) ; crossing the shoulder at the place of beginning, it is there secured by two or three pins.
Page 265 - The first piece is passed around the arm just below the axillary margin, and pinned and stitched in the form of a loop, sufficiently large to prevent strangulation, leaving a portion on the back of the arm uncased by the plaster. The arm is then drawn downward and backward until the clavicular portion of the pectoralis major...
Page 253 - His manner of using this instrument is as follows: " In case of an oblique fracture, or one with overlapping, the skin is perforated with the instrument at such a point as to enable it to be carried through the ends of the fragments, to wound their surfaces, and to FIG.
Page 271 - In impacted fracture, the upper fragment penetrates the lower one, producing a twisted appearance of the arm, the axis of the humerus is directed slightly inward, toward the axilla. The head of the bone can be felt in the glenoid cavity, but it is not in the axis of the limb ; the elbow projects slightly from the side, and a hollow is felt under the acromion.
Page 368 - Arsenicum. — Obstinate ophthalmia in weak, nervous patients, particularly if the secretion be acrid, with burning, tearing, or stinging pains in the globe and lids, aggravated by light ; paroxysms of pain ; violent stabbings in the eye ; eyeball feels like a globe of fire.
Page 265 - Strong and good adhesive plaster is cut into two strips, three or four inches wide (narrower for children) ; one piece long enough to surround the arm and go completely around the body, the other to reach from the sound shoulder around the elbow of the fractured side and back to the place of starting. The first piece is passed around the arm just below the axillary margin and pinned or stitched in the form of a loop sufficiently large to prevent strangulation, leaving a large portion on the back...
Page 303 - The two arches represented by the letter (H), at one end, are made of iron bars one-eighth of an inch in thickness, and threefourths of an inch wide. These arches are continuous with the bottom pieces (K), which support them upon the bed and measure twenty-two inches in length, making the distance between the two arches, which are also supported on the sides by the two slender bars (FF) While the bar extending across...
Page 340 - Frequent emission of urine, which is turbid, or soon becoming so; sensation of numbness and obstruction in the kidneys ; sensation as if the kidneys and bladder were always full and swollen. Pressure and burning pains in the bladder, with urging to urinate every minute; the bladder cannot hold the smallest quantity of urine. Difficult, painful, intermittent urination : it stops, and begins again the next moment. Fullness...
Page 406 - Boil the veal and water in a covered sauce-pan very slowly, till reduced to one quart of the liquid ; strain, season with salt, and stir in the soaked sago, having previously warmed it by setting for half an hour in a sauce-pan of boiling water, and stirring from time to time. Simmer half an hour, taking care it does not burn ; beat in the cream and eggs, and give one full boil up.

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