A Comprehensive Commentary on the Quran: Comprising Sale's Translation & Preliminary Discourse, with Additional Notes & Emendations...by the Rev. E.M. Wherry...

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K. Paul, Trench, Trübner, & Company, 1896

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Page 51 - When ye encounter the unbelievers, strike off their heads, until ye have made a great slaughter among them ; and bind them in bonds : and either give them a free dismission afterwards, or exact a ransom ; until the war shall have laid down its arms.™...
Page 93 - And the companions of the right hand (how happy shall the companions of the right hand be!) shall have their abode among...
Page 115 - God and to the apostle, and him who is of kin to the apostle, and the orphans, and the poor, and the traveller; that they may not be for ever divided in a circle among such of you as are rich. What the apostle shall give you, that accept; and what he shall forbid you, that abstain from: and fear God; for God is severe in chastising.
Page 108 - Those who divorce their wives by declaring that they will for the future regard them as their mothers, and afterwards would repair what they have said, shall be obliged to free a captive before they touch one another.
Page 18 - I come unto you with a sign from your Lord ; therefore fear God, and obey me. Verily God is my Lord, and your Lord : therefore serve him. This is the right way.
Page 95 - Verily we have created the damsels of paradise by a peculiar creation: and we have made them virgins, beloved by their husbands, of equal age with them; for the delight of the companions of the right hand.
Page 172 - When the servant of God stood up to invoke him, it wanted little but that the genii had pressed on him in crowds, to hear him rehearse the Koran.
Page 139 - ... whether GOD will bring something new to pass,* which may reconcile them after this. And when they shall have fulfilled their term, either retain them with kindness, or part from them honourably : and take witnesses from among you, men of integrity ; and give your testimony as in the presence of GOD. This admonition is given unto him who believeth in GOD and the last day : and whoso feareth GOD, unto him will he grant a happy issue out of all his afflictions, and he will bestow on him an ample...
Page 58 - GOD :) (6) and that he may punish the hypocritical men, and the hypocritical women, and the idolaters, and the idolatresses, who conceive an ill opinion of GOD. They shall experience a turn of evil fortune ; and GOD shall be angry with them, and shall curse them, and hath prepared hell for them : an ill journey shall it be thither ! NlSF- 1| (7) Unto GOD belong the hosts of heaven and earth; victory over the Greeks at Muta, &c., to be meant in this place."— Sale, JSaidhawi, Zamakhshari.
Page 103 - Know that this present life is only a toy and a vain amusement : and worldly pomp, and the affectation of glory among you, and the multiplying of riches and children, are as the plants nourished by the rain, the springing up whereof delighteth the husbandmen ; afterwards they wither, so that thou seest the same turned yellow, and at length they become dry stubble.

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