A Concise Companion to Milton

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Angelica Duran
John Wiley & Sons, 15 apr 2008 - 288 pagine
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A Concise Companion to MILTON

A Concise Companion to Milton provides readers with essential guides to appreciating the works of John Milton, and to understanding the great influence they have had on literature. The book consists of twelve short, newly-commissioned chapters written by internationally respected scholars from Australia, Canada, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Combining brevity, depth and accessibility, it is an ideal first critical work on Milton.

The companion opens with a series of essays explaining how and why Milton’s works established their central place in the English literary canon. The ensuing chapters follow Milton’s major works in chronological order, clarifying complex issues that are particularly relevant to our contemporary society. Also included in the volume are a chronology and select bibliography detailing the events of Milton’s life and works alongside relevant world events.


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Angelica Duran is Associate Professor of English and Comparative Literature at Purdue University. A Milton specialist, she is on the editorial board of Milton Quarterly and is currently working on two book-length projects entitled Milton among Spaniards and Milton in Hispanoamerica. Her book on The Age of Milton and The Scientific Revolution is forthcoming in 2007.

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