A Contemporary Mind and Other Crimes

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Xlibris Corporation, Mar 1, 2003 - History - 555 pages
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An Adventure's Philosophical Observations


An Adventurer's Political Conclusions

The book is a weave of three themes an international story of an individual confronting his received limitations and a life adventure's experiences of insightful information, which evolve into a pragmatic contemporary sophistication, based on an "what is superior."

A Philosophical observation:

Knowledge is useful information:
Understanding is interrelated knowledge.
Perspective is balanced understanding.
Comprehension is correlated perspective.
Wisdom is the above intelligence applied and shared.

A few modern political conclusions are:

Surviving civilizations all encompassing fundamental philosophies of elitism and ultraconservatism's enculturation processes with their formalized habits-of-ignorance and ideological anti-intellectual suppressions is the true bases of the history of humanity. The awareness of the 20th century is a golden age of comprehension based on the best of life and the fullest of living due to the unlimiting accomplishments.

The book captures the sociocultural architecture's social consciousness with its system biased perceptions and embedded flaws, which cause the social neurosis that feeds our existential anxieties that vulnerability stresses compound. Stress Kills and modern 24/7 immediacy has institutionally acceptable responses that are damaging for one's wellness. In the replays of ideology that is history, power's total command-and-control rules through the totalitarianisms of its medieval-minded militarism and garrison nation economic models. Modern sophistication rephases for relevance to over-come prefixed multi-level inputs stress just as ancient meditation techniques manage psychological weaknesses and stimulation addictions.

A contemporary mind isn't another ism but an individual's effective and rewarding mental attitudes which, respond to the intellectual void on the theory of and for self, with evolving references for the actualities of received ideologies' lost relevance.

Cultural sophistication has expanded beyond the concepts of refined taste to incorporate mastery of involvements, entanglements and needs

Social circumstances have many undesirables, hazards, dangers and evils, which one must prepare for with "best practices" and "contemporized comprehensions" from positive mental habits and therapeutic practices to the physical disciplines of personal security self-defense techniques.

Life's phenomenal regularity and nature's unchangeable laws of change means everything is in a state of "dynamic becoming." Transmodern complexities' continuous next step actualities amid the enemies of mankind with their evil obligate a process philosophy with pragmatic clear thinking built upon living's commonalties and life's universals.

rational clarity, contemporary adeptness and astute wisdom with ethical considerations based on multicultural sensibilities and intercivilizational appreciations are the principles of the international cosmopolitan

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