A Course on Meditation for Women

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Trafford Publishing, Dec 1, 2007 - Self-Help - 78 pages
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All people create, yet few know that they rely on unconscious patterns of thought to do that. Only a small percentage in each generation learns to live consciously, by-passing the limitations of habits, beliefs, and judgements to live in love and joy.
The relatively small number is not because such a life is reserved for some special ones or because peace and love belong only to some future, perfect state. It is so because few traditions teach that fully expanded awareness is the natural state, the truth of human existence and that it will be found only now and only by looking within.
Most people who do begin to meditate do not continue to reach its goal. They stop after a short time because they find it boring and hard to do; however, because the deepest longing of spirit is to unite with the Source ( whatever name may be given to It) the search continues. Some people have tried two, three... half a dozen varieties of practice without satisfaction, because most disciplines fight the natural tendencies of the mind.
Thoughts are a part of life, yet it is always possible to choose which thoughts to follow, which ones to entertain. Habitual thoughts create life experience, so when they change from negative and limited to align with the natural law of Life, daily life will naturally become more peaceful.
This does not mean there are no challenges in life. But if every challenge is perceived as a gift instead of a problem, then whatever comes is used as a vehicle for expansion.
This book provides instructions on how to use the tendencies of the mind in order to transcend its limitations. By working with natural law, by not fighting with thoughts, the mind is freed tofollow its bliss and know its natural state.

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