A Course in Miracles: Original Edition Text

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Helen Schucman
Course in Miracles Society, 2009 - Body, Mind & Spirit - 663 pages
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The Pocket Edition Text contains the complete and unabridged Text portion of A Course in Miracles - Original Edition as it was completed by Helen Schucman and Bill Thetford in 1972. Taken from the original manuscript for the Course, the only editing that has been done to this great spiritual classic has been to correct occasional typographic and spelling errors and to render capitalization and punctuation consistent. This Text volume is the companion to the popular ACIM Pocket Edition Workbook/Manual published by Course in Miracles Society. We call it a pocket edition because the book is designed to go anywhere with the student it is only 8 x 5 and just less than 1 in thickness. You can toss it in a backpack, briefcase or even a lady's purse. Like the Pocket Edition of the Workbook, the Pocket Edition Text is designed for rough treatment it is printed on a durable paper and has a laminated cover that resists spots and staining.

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This is my second book the first I left behind on a whale watching boat in cape cod. I'm assuming it had went to someone that may have needed it more at the time. The texts in these books are phenomenal about over coming the separation we are going through accepting the atonement and Allowing the holy spirit in. I didn't come from a strong Christian background and never been baptist either but I am on a spiritual path reading and learning as much enlightening materials as I can. This book is legit and truly the teachings of a higher power Jesus Christ. Please don't let your ego draw judgement on the name Jesus but rather go into this with love. I always go into a book with an open mind and the readiness to learn. There are many pieces to the puzzle of life that we are all searching for and this is without a doubt one if them.
Love and light to all

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When asked to review this book, my mind sighs in disbelief, It brings to mind a conversation in the New Testament of the bible. I hear a sinner pleading toJohn the Bastist to baptize him despite his wicked way, even though he really doesn't deserve this great man's attention lest healing. John turns to him asd says to the sinner, "I am not the ONE you speak of. He will come after me, for I am just a man, the One that follows comes to fulfill the promise God made to his people. I am not worthy to tie the strap of his sandal. He is God's Son and comes to teach the fallen. So to review this miraculous, holy book
I would have to ask the author, Jesus Christ, if I was holy enough to review His Work.
The Course in Miracles is truly a great spiritual classic and so much more. It is the answer we have all been searching for and didn.t know it. The Course is endless and the brothers who are studying it know that Jesus teaches each soul on its own personal level of needs. Jesus walks one through the pages of truth teaching each mind the plan for Atonement which was creasted in answer to man's fall or separation from God. This is an absolute must for all souls here in the earth school trying to find our way home. Jesus promises throughout the book that man'salvation is certain once each soul forgives himself and his brother's alike. Once we are able to forgive love will be eternal.

Selected pages


VII The Bridge to the Real World
VIII The End of Illusions
Forgiveness and Healing I Introduction
III The Forgiven world
IV Shadows of the Past
V Perception and the Two Worlds
VI The Healed Relationship
VII Practical Forgiveness

Retraining the Mind I Introduction
III Atonement Without Sacrifice
IV Miracles as Accurate Perception
V Perception Versus Knowledge
VI Conflict and the Ego
VII The Loss of Certainty
VIII Judgment and the Authority Problem
IX Creating Versus the SelfImage
The Root of All Evil I Introduction
II Right Teaching and Right Learning
III The Ego and False Autonomy
IV Love Without Conflict
V The Escape From Fear
VI The EgoBody Illusion
VII The Constant State
VIII Creation and Communication
IX True Rehabilitation
Healing and Wholeness I Introduction
II Healing as Joining
III The Mind of the Atonement
IV The Voice For God
V The Guide to Salvation
VI Therapy and Teaching
VII The Two Decisions
VIII Time and Eternity
IX The Eternal Fixation
Attack and Fear I Introduction
III The Uses of Projection
IV The Relinquishment of Attack
V The Only Answer
a To Have Give All to All
b To Have Peace Teach Peace to Learn It
c Be Vigilant Only for God and His Kingdom
The Consistency of the Kingdom I Introduction
II Bargaining Versus Healing
III The Laws of Mind
IV The Unified Curriculum
V The Recognition of Truth
VI Healing and the Changelessness of Mind
VII From Vigilance to Peace
VIII The Total Commitment
IX The Defense of Conflict
X The Extension of the kingdom
XI The Confusion of Strength and Weakness
XII The State of Grace
The Journey Back I Introduction
II The Direction of the Curriculum
IV The Holy Encounter
V The Light of the World
VI The Power of Joint Decision
VII Communication and the EgoBody Equation
VIII The Body as Means or End
IX Healing as Corrected Perception
X The Acceptance of Reality
XI The Answer to Prayer
The Correction of Error I Introduction
III Atonement as a Lesson in Sharing
IV The Unhealed Healer
V The Awareness of the Holy Spirit
VI Salvation and Gods Will
VII Grandeur Versus Grandiosity
VIII The Inclusiveness of Creation
IX The Decision to Forget
X Magic Versus Miracles
XI The Denial of God
God and the Ego I Introduction
III The Willingness For Healing
IV From Darkness to Light
V The Inheritance of Gods Son
VI The Dynamics of the Ego
VII Experience and Perception
VIII The Problem and the Answer
Gods Plan for Salvation I Introduction
III The Mechanism of Miracles
IV The Investment in Reality
V Seeking and Finding
VI The Sane Curriculum
VII The Vision of Christ
VIII The Guide For Miracles
IX Reality and Redemption
X Guiltlessness and Invulnerability
The Problem of Guilt I Introduction
III The Fear of Redemption
IV Healing and Time
V The Two Emotions
VI Finding the Present
VII Attainment of the Real World
From Perception to Knowledge I Introduction
III The Shadow of Guilt
IV Release and Restoration
V The Guarantee of Heaven
VI The Testimony of Miracles
VII The Happy Learner
VIII The Decision For Guiltlessness
IX The Way of Salvation
Bringing Illusions to Truth I Introduction
II Guilt and Guiltlessness
III Out of the Darkness
IV Perception Without Deceit
V The Recognition of Holiness
VI The Shift to Miracles
VII The Test of Truth
The Purpose of Time I Introduction
III Time and Eternity
IV Littleness Versus Magnitude
V Practicing the Holy Instant
VI The Holy Instant and Special Relationships
VII The Holy Instant and the Laws of God
VIII The Holy Instant and Communication
IX The Holy Instant and Real Relationships
X The Time of Christ
XI The End of Sacrifice
The Forgiveness of Illusions I Introduction
II True Empathy
III The Magnitude of Holiness
IV The Reward of Teaching
V Illusion and Reality of Love
VI Specialness and Guilt
VIII The Need For Faith
IX The Conditions of Forgiveness
The Dream and the Reality I Introduction
II Substitution as a Defense
III The Basis of the Dream
IV Light in the Dream
V The Little Willingness
VI The Happy Dream
VII Dreams and the Body
VIII I Need do Nothing
IX The Purpose of the Body
X The Delusional Thought System
XI The passing of the Dream
Beyond the Body I Introduction
III Sin Versus Error
IV The Unreality of Sin
a The First Obstacle The Desire to Get Rid of It
The Attraction of Guilt
The Belief the Body is Valuable for What it Offers
Pleasure and Pain
The Attraction of Death
The Fear of God
The Lifting of the Veil
The Promise of the Resurrection I Introduction
III Thorns and Lilies
IV Sin as an Adjustment
V Entering the Ark
VI Heralds of Eternity
VII The Temple of the Holy Spirit
VIII The Consistency of Means and End
IX The Vision of Sinlessness
The Inner Picture I Introduction
III The Responsibility For Sight
IV Faith Belief and vision
V The Fear to Look Within
VI Reason and Perception
VII Reason and Correction
VIII Perception and Wishes
IX The Inner Shift
Salvation and the Holy Relationship I Introduction
II The Message of the Holy Relationship
III Your Brothers Sinlessness
IV Reason and the Holy Relationship
V The Branching of the Road
VI Weakness and Defensiveness
VII Freedom and the Holy Spirit
The War Against Yourself I Introduction
II The Irreconcilable Beliefs
III The Laws of Chaos
IV Salvation Without Compromise
V The Fear of Life
Specialness and Separation I Introduction
III The Treachery of Specialness
IV The Forgiveness of Specialness
V Specialness and Salvation
VI The Resolution of the Dream
VII Salvation From Fear
VIII The Meeting Place
The Remedy I Introduction
III The Savior From the Dark
IV The Fundamental Law of Perception
V The Joining of Minds
VI The State of Sinlessness
VII The Special Function
VIII Commuting the Sentence
IX The Principle of Salvation
X The Justice of Heaven
The Transition I Introduction
III The Forms of Error
IV The Borderland
V Where Sin Has Left
VI The Little Hindrance
VII The Appointed Friend
VIII Review of Principles
IX The Immediacy of Salvation
X For They Have Come
XI The Remaining Task
The Body and the Dream I Introduction
III The Fear of Healing
IV The Symbol of the Impossible
V The Quiet Answer
VI The Healing Example
VII The Purpose of Pain
VIII The Illusion of Suffering
IX The Hero of the Dream
The Undoing of Fear I Introduction
III Reversing Effect and Cause
IV The Agreement to Join
V The Greater Joining
VI The Alternate to Dreams of Fear
VII The Secret Vows
VIII The Beautiful Relationship
The Awakening I Introduction
II The Closing of the Gap
III The coming of the Guest
IV Gods Witnesses
V Dream Roles
VI The Changeless Dwelling Place
VII Forgiveness and Peace
VIII The Lingering Illusion
IX Christ and AntiChrist
X The Forgiving Dream
The New Beginning I Introduction
III Freedom of will
IV Beyond All Idols
V The Truth Behind Illusion
VI The Only Purpose
VII The Justification For Forgiveness
VIII The New Interpretation
IX Changeless Reality
The Simplicity of Salvation I Introduction
II The Illusion of an Enemy
III The SelfAccused
IV The Real Alternative
V Self Concept Versus Self
VI Recognizing the Spirit
VII The Saviors Vision
VIII Choose Once Again

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