A Critical Essay on Various Manuscript Works, Arabic and Persian: Illustrating the History of Arabia, Persia, Turkomania, India, Syria, Egypt, Mauritania, and Spain

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William Ouseley
Oriental Translation Fund of Great Britain and Ireland; Sold, 1832 - Islamic Empire - 71 pages

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Page 27 - MEMOIRS OF THE EMPEROR JAHANGUEIR, Written by Himself, and translated from a Persian Manuscript, By MAJOR DAVID PRICE, of the Bombay Army, &c.
Page 1 - The Catechism of the Shamans; or, the Laws and Regulations of the Priesthood of Buddha, in China.
Page 138 - Stainmore, and do homage to the kinge of England for the same. In the midst of Stainmore there shall be a crosse set up, with the king of England's image on the one side, and the king of Scotland's on the other, to signify that one is on his march to England, and the other to Scotland.
Page 63 - His Grace the LORD ARCHBISHOP of CANTERBURY. The Right Honourable the LORD HIGH CHANCELLOR. His Grace the DUKE OF WELLINGTON. The Most Noble the MARQUESS of LANSDOWNE. The Right Honourable the EARL SPENCER. The Right Honourable the EARL AMHERST, late Governor-General of India.
Page 1 - CADAI, being the Tamul Version of a Collection of Ancient Tales in the Sanscrit Language ; popularly known throughout India, and entitled the Vetala Panchavinsati. Translated by BG Babington, MD, FRS, MRAS, M. Madras Lit. Soc., &c. V. INDIAN COOKERY, as practised and described by the Natives of the East.
Page 8 - Khitat, or History and Statistics of Egypt ; translated by Abraham Salame, Esq. This Arabic work includes accounts of the conquest of Egypt by the Caliphs, AD 640 ; and of the cities, rivers, ancient and modern inhabitants of Egypt, AC.
Page 2 - The great Geographical Work of Idrisi ; translated by the Rev. GC Renouard, BD This Arabic work was written AD 1153, to illustrate a large silver globe made for Roger, King of Sicily, and is divided into the seven climates described by the Greek geographers.
Page 34 - No part of the site of ancient Gour is nearer to the present bank of the Ganges, than four miles and a half ; and some parts of it, which were originally washed by that river, are now twelve miles from it...
Page 2 - Evliya in all parts of the Turkish empire, and in Turkestan, &c. in the middle of the seventeenth century.
Page 138 - Stanemore there shall be a crosse set up, with the King of England's image on the one side, and the King of Scotland's on the other, to signifie that the one is marche to England, and the other to Scotland.

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