A Critical History of Early Rome: From Prehistory to the First Punic War

University of California Press, 2005年2月14日 - 416 頁
During the period from Rome's Stone Age beginnings on the Tiber River to its conquest of the Italian peninsula in 264 B.C., the Romans in large measure developed the social, political, and military structure that would be the foundation of their spectacular imperial success. In this comprehensive and clearly written account, Gary Forsythe draws extensively from historical, archaeological, linguistic, epigraphic, religious, and legal evidence as he traces Rome's early development within a multicultural environment of Latins, Sabines, Etruscans, Greeks, and Phoenicians. His study charts the development of the classical republican institutions that would eventually enable Rome to create its vast empire, and provides fascinating discussions of topics including Roman prehistory, religion, and language.

In addition to its value as an authoritative synthesis of current research, A Critical History of Early Rome offers a revisionist interpretation of Rome's early history through its innovative use of ancient sources. The history of this period is notoriously difficult to uncover because there are no extant written records, and because the later historiography that affords the only narrative accounts of Rome's early days is shaped by the issues, conflicts, and ways of thinking of its own time. This book provides a groundbreaking examination of those surviving ancient sources in light of their underlying biases, thereby reconstructing early Roman history upon a more solid evidentiary foundation.

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Evolution and Growth of the Roman State 444F367
Italy in Prehistory
Archaic Italy c 800500
The Ancient Sources for Early Roman History
Rome During the Regal Period
Archaic Roman Religion
The Beginning of the Roman Republic
Rome of the Twelve Tables
Rotnes Rise to Dominance 366300
Rornes Conquest and Unification of Italy 299264

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Gary Forsythe is Assistant Professor of History at Texas Tech University.