A Cross for Irvin: The Evil That Dwells

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AuthorHouse, 2006 - Fiction - 356 pages
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The town of Lynchburg was not as it seemed. The small municipality of roughly 20,000 people had its share of conflict between the haves and the have-nots, the whites and the blacks, the rural and big city interests. A common thread that united everybody, both for the good and the bad, was the Reverend Irvin Daniel, Jr. Reverend Daniel was the son of Reverend Irvin Daniel, Sr., who had previously been Lynchburg, pastor in the town's single African-American church. Tragedy seemed to shadow Irvin, Jr., and neither his father nor mother was spared. A church fire snuffed out the lives of Irvin's parents. Miraculously, this father's curse gold cross survived the inferno. Irvin, Jr., not only a mesmerizing preacher, but a talented singer and musician as well, proudly wore that cross in his father's memory. Though could the cross be responsible for Irvin's bad dreams and freakish visions? Of course, being the good looking man he was, the Reverend Irvin attracted the women in droves. One, Mattie Wilkinson, captured his heart and he soon marries her. Mattie's sister, Amber, also had a crush on the good reverend. Always one to help bond family ties, Irvin funds Amber's law school expenses. Was this calculated on Irvin's behalf? Amber's legal expertise certainly is beneficial to Reverend Daniel and his crooked cronies. Did Irvin's visions foretell of his predicament? Lastly, Ivy LaRue, also piqued his attention. With her melodic voice, Ivy found herself as part of the choir with Irvin and Mattie. The trio brought down the house every time they sang. Sadly, the curse of the cross would result in more than one's demise. Riveting stories have the elements of wealth and greed and A cross for Irvin isno exception. Seemingly altruistic, Irvin tries to raise funds to build a mental health wing on to the Ashton Memorial Hospital. Ashton, the county seat, is roughly five miles from Lynchburg. Though the reader will soon discover why this wing is so important to Irvin. Psychopath murders, misappropriated funds, lies, and money laundering all figure into the tale that takes the reader from the east coast town to New Orleans to Las Vegas and even to the beautiful Cayman Islands. Yet across the miles, death, destruction, deceit and madness keep a stronghold on the reader page after page.

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