A Definitive Look at Oneness Theology: Defending the Tri-unity of God

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University Press of America, 2005 - Religion - 217 pages
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This book critically examines the claims of Oneness theology in light of biblical exegesis. Specifically, it affirms the biblical presentation of God existing as three distinct coequal, coeternal, and coexistent Persons or Selves.

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The author Edward L. Dalcour needs to go back to History class. Even Erdman's handbook on the History of the Christian Church admits that the author of the Doctrine of the Trinity was Tertullian 200 a.d. The Jews were monotheistic not trinitarians. The first Christians were Jews. All through the OT God made it plain that He alone is God, and He alone is the Savior. Jesus' names means Jehovah Saves. Approximately 29 verses speak of the oneness of God. No verses speak of a trinity. You have to read it into the Scripture. Dan.7:9-10 gives the description of the Ancient of Days (God). Rev.1:12-18 gives the description of Jesus, they are exactly the same. The false teacher is this author. 

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Great informative and very scholarly work


Introduction to Oneness Theology
Examining the Oneness Claim that Jesus is the Father
Examining the Oneness Claim that Jesus is the Holy Spirit
The Preexistence of the Son
Examining the Oneness Objections to the Doctrine of the Trinity
In the Name of Jesus Only Examining the Dogma of the UPCI Baptismal Formula and System of Salvation
Modalism and the Early Church
The TriUnity of God
Standard Passages the UPCI use to Support Baptismal Regeneration
Scripture Index
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Edward L. Dalcour is the founder and director of the Department of Christian Defense (www.christiandefense.org).

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