A Dictionary of Medical Terminology, Dental Surgery, and the Collateral Sciences

Lindsay & Blakiston, 1855 - 800 páginas

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Página 18 - I first saw those teeth, they had exactly the appearance of having been most accurately filed down at the edges, and then perfectly and beautifully polished ; and it has now extended so far, that when the mouth is closed, the anterior edges of the incisors of . the upper and lower jaws are nearly a quarter of an inch asunder. The cavities of those of the upper jaw must have been exposed, but for a very curious and...
Página 382 - The sense of taste is usually more or less impaired, and speech and mastication are often difficult and painful. When the tongue is affected, its surface is in general at first covered with a whitish fur, through which the red and swollen follicles may often be seen projecting. The fur sometimes breaks off, leaving the surface red, smooth, and glossy, with here and there prominent follicles, and very sensitive to the contact of even mild substances ; or the surface may be dry, hard, and gashed with...
Página 217 - ... in the upper jaw, the central incisors are situated immediately beneath the nose, the lateral incisors thrown back behind the points of the cuspidati, and the bases of the latter scarcely a quarter of an inch below the orbit ; in the lower jaw the cuspidati are placed at the very base of the bone, with only a thin layer beneath them ; but the crowding is much less considerable than in the upper jaw, from the smaller comparative size of the incisors. " At from six to seven years of age the whole...
Página 147 - Chemistry is a department of science, the objects of which are to investigate the nature and properties of the elements of matter, and their mutual actions and combinations ; to ascertain the proportions in which they unite, and the modes of separating them when united ; and to enquire into the laws and powers which preside over and affect these agencies.
Página 57 - It attacks equally children and adults; but is said not to be very common in early infancy. In adults it is frequently occasioned by the irritation of decayed teeth. The confluent variety is much more severe and obstinate. This frequently extends into the fauces and pharynx, and is even said to reach the intestinal canal, though it may be doubted whether the affection of the stomach and bowels is identical with that of the mouth.
Página 406 - After having with the bone nippers removed from the detached portion the corners which were created by the horizontal and perpendicular cuts of the saw, it was set back, so that the edges from which the V-shaped sections were removed came together.
Página 382 - ... neighboring structures, as the sub-lingual and sub-maxillary glands, and the absorbent glands of the neck, and occasions considerable tumefaction in all these parts. In the erythematous form it is characterized by redness, a sense of heat, and sometimes considerable tenderness, but is not usually attended with acute pain ; when deeper in the tissue, it is often very painful. Portions of the epithelium sometimes become opaque, giving an appearance of whiteness in streaks or patches. Occasionally...
Página 405 - Her head was drawn downward and forwards, the chin was confined within an inch of the sternum, the under lip was so pulled down that the mucous membrane of the left side came far below the chin, the under jaw was bowed slightly downward, and elongated, particularly its upper portion, which made it project about one inch and three-eighths beyond the upper jaw. In front there was scarcely any appearance of either chin or neck. She was unable to turn her head to either side, the cheeks and upper lip...
Página 525 - It not unfrequently happens that parts the most remote become the apparent seat of pain, from the exposure of the nerve of a tooth. I have seen this occur not only in the face, over the scalp, in the ear, or underneath the lower jaw, but down the neck, over the shoulder, and along the whole length of the arm.
Página 405 - To remove the projection of the under jaw seemed to require the first attention. Unless that could be done, the other operations, however successful, would add but little if any to the personal appearance of the patient. This lengthening of the jaw 'had taken place entirely between the cuspidatus and first bicuspid tooth of the right side, and between the first and second bicuspids of the left. By this elongation, the teeth just described were separated on both sides about three-fourths of an inch.

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