A Dictionary of Practical Materia Medica, Volume 1

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Homœopathic Publishing Company, 1900 - Homeopathy

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Page 100 - Nose. * Epistaxis. Throat. Choking feeling in the throat on each side of the trachea, along the carotids. Feeling of constriction.
Page 814 - Irregular beating of the heart ; palpitation. — Feeling as if the heart would stop beating if she did not move about.
Page 10 - His intellect was unimpaired; but he suffered from severe vomiting, which recurred every two or three minutes, and was performed by a sudden jerking action of the abdominal muscles, accompanied by a loud shout, probably dependent upon a sudden contraction of the diaphragm. Every attempt to swallow was followed by the spasmodic contractions so characteristic of hydrophobia, but they were not renewed by the sight of water. All these convulsive movements were...
Page 143 - Cough which loosens with difficulty, rouses from sleep before midnight and ceases as soon as least particle is loosened, which is swallowed.
Page 165 - The vomited substance tinged the bedding black. Awakens at midnight with oppression at stomach, as from a heavy lump, inducing vomiting ; in the morning throws up glairy mucus, which can be drawn into strings ; during the afternoon desire to vomit, tremulous weakness, and a sensation as if the head were in a vise (Merc.).
Page 607 - ... to his bed. When I first saw him he was obliged to lie down, respiration was labored and irregular and the heart's action was greatly exaggerated and erratic. There was decided precordial bulging, the apex beat was considerably displaced, downward and to the left and the whole cardiac dullness was greatly extended, the impulse was heaving in character with considerable mitral systolic blowing and the corresponding diastolic intensification, there were also signs of considerable pulmonary engorgement...
Page 272 - December 7th, 1856 ; began as a slight pimple with burning pain in the skin, increasing until in six days' time it was very large, of a dark fiery purple colour, and very sore burning and aching pain in it, accompanied with headache, extending from occiput to sinciput, of a cold aching character; brain as though contracted in frontal region, dizziness, etc.
Page 521 - ... ^Intermittent. • Sensation as if he would creep into himself, and on that account could not sufficiently crouch together.
Page 50 - Eyes. — Eyes suffused and congested; startled look when aroused ; pupils dilated and sluggish.
Page 334 - Lame sensation in carpel bones of left wrist. Arms feel like soaked wood hanging to him. Arms feel so heavy takes all the will power to raise them. Arms feel as if they would tremble if...

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