A Digest of the Decisions of the Supreme Court of Wisconsin: New, Revised and Complete, from the Earliest Period to the Beginning of the August Term, 1908, Including All the Official Reports Down to Vol. 136 and the Northwestern Reporter to and Including Vol. 116, Volym 2

Callaghan and Company, 1909

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Sida 1643 - ... be actually made, procured, or provided, or fit or ready for delivery, or some act may be requisite for the making or completing thereof, or rendering the same fit for delivery...
Sida 1344 - Representatives to which such county is entitled by law, and shall cause to be filed in the offices of the Secretary of State and clerk of such county a description of such Representative districts, specifying the number of each district, and the population thereof, according to the last preceding enumeration.
Sida 1697 - The Tracts of Land herein stipulated to be granted, shall never be leased or conveyed by the grantees or their heirs to any persons whatever, without the permission of the President of the United States.
Sida 1595 - The court shall, in every stage of an action, disregard any error or defect in the pleadings or proceedings which shall not affect the substantial rights of the adverse party, and no judgment shall be reversed or affected by reason of such error or defect.
Sida 1635 - Every agreement that, by its terms, is not to be performed within one year from the making thereof; 2.
Sida 1517 - Justice of the executive authority of any state or territory to which such person has fled, and produces a copy of an indictment found, or an affidavit made, before a magistrate of any state or territory, charging the person demanded with having committed treason, felony, or other crime, certified as authentic by the governor or chief magistrate of the state or territory from whence the person so charged has fled...
Sida 1533 - Actions for the following causes must be tried in the county in which the subject of the action, or some part thereof, is situated, subject to the power of the court to change the place of trial, in the cases provided by statute : 1.
Sida 1412 - The credit of a witness may also be impeached by proof that he has made statements out of court contrary to what he has testified at the trial. But it is only in such matters as are relevant to the issue that the witness can be contradicted.
Sida 1745 - Thus, the fact that plaintiff was driving his cattle to market on Sunday in violation of the statute, when they were injured by the breaking down of a defective bridge, which the defendant town was bound to maintain, would not prevent a recovery, upon due proof of defendant's negligence in constructing and maintaining such a bridge.
Sida 1577 - ... such property by the appellant, he will not commit, or suffer to be committed, any waste thereon, and that if the judgment be affirmed, he will pay the value of the use and occupation of the property, from the time of the appeal until the delivery of possession thereof, pursuant to the judgment, not exceeding a sum to be fixed by a judge of the court by which judgment was rendered, and which shall be specified in the undertaking.

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