A Digest of the Evidence on the Bank Charter Taken Before the Committee of 1832, Arranged Together with the Tables Under Proper Heads: To which are Prefixed Strictures and Illustrative Remarks

J. Ridgeway, 1833 - 418 Seiten
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Seite 209 - Parliament, and that it shall not be lawful for any body politic or corporate whatsoever, erected or to be erected, or for any other persons whatsoever, united or to be united, in covenants or partnership, exceeding the number of six persons in that part of Great Britain called England, to borrow, owe, or take up any sum or sums of money on their bills, or notes, payable at demand or at any less time than six months from the borrowing thereof...
Seite 2 - ... London where things are cheaper, and will therefore return that country paper upon the Banker who issued it, and will demand from him Bank of England Notes or Bills upon London ; and thus, the excess of country paper being continually returned upon the issuers for Bank of England paper, the quantity of the latter necessarily and effectually limits the quantity of the former.
Seite 76 - The principal points to which they have directed their attention, are " First. Whether the paper circulation of the 3 c metropolis ihould be confined, as at present, to the issues of one bank, and that a commercial company; or whether a competition of different banks of Issue, each consisting of an unlimited number of partners, should be permitted. " Secondly. If It should be deemed expedient that the paper circulation of the metropolis should be confined, as at present, to the issues of one bank,...
Seite 215 - ... of the First Lord of the Treasury and the Chancellor of the Exchequer, that they are not making a considerable sacrifice, adverting especially to the Bank of Ireland remaining in possession of that privilege five years longer than the Bank of England.
Seite 88 - The average proportion, as already observed, of coin and bullion which the bank thinks it prudent to keep on hand, is at the rate of a third of the total amount of all her liabilities, including deposits as well as issues.
Seite 122 - In point of fact, and historically, as far as my researches have gone, in every signal instance of a rise or fall of prices, the rise or fall has preceded, and therefore could not be the effect of an enlargement or contraction of the bank circulation.
Seite 99 - In the minutes of evidence ; but on no one of them is It so complete as to justify the Committee in giving a decided opinion. " The period of the Session at which the Committee commenced their labours, the importance and extent of the subject, and the approaching close of the Session, will sufficiently account to the House for the limited progress of the inquiry, and for the Incompleteness of the materials which have been collected, for the purpose of forming an opinion.
Seite 100 - ... course of its ordinary transactions. " Of the ample means of the Bank of England to meet all its engagements, and of the high credit which it has always possessed and which it continues to deserve, no man who reads the evidence taken before this committee can for a moment doubt ; for it appears that, in addition to the surplus...
Seite 97 - Secrecy was appointed by the House of Commons to inquire into the expediency of renewing the charter of the Bank of England, and into the system on which banks of issue in England and Wales are conducted.
Seite 2 - England paper itself should at any time, during the suspension of Cash payments, be issued to excess, a corresponding excess may be issued of Country Bank paper which will not be checked ; the foundation being enlarged, the superstructure admits of a proportionate extension. And thus, under such a system, the excess of Bank of England paper will produce its effect upon prices not merely in the ratio of its own increase, but in a much higher proportion.

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