A Discourse on Ancient and Modern Learning

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T. Osborne, in Gray's Inn, 1739 - Classical literature - 28 pages

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Page 27 - Hiftorical and Critical, in which a new and accurate Tranflation of that of the Celebrated Mr.
Page 27 - Perfons of all Ages and Nations ; particularly thofe of Great Britain and Ireland, dillinguimed by their Rank, Actions, Learning, and other Accomplilhments.
Page 27 - Lediard , the Naval Hiftory of England in all its Branches , from the Norman Conqueft in the year 1066. to the conclufion of 1734, Lond.
Page 27 - Englifh Hiftorical Library in three Parts, Giving a (hort View and Character of moft of our Hiftorians, either in Print or Manufcript, with an Account of our Records, Law-Books, Coins, and other Matters ferviceable to the Undertakers of a general Hiftory of England. The fecond Edition, corrected and augmented by W.
Page 28 - To which is Added, by way of Appendix: | Rules for Playing a Thorow-Bass; with Variety | of Proper Lessons, Fuges, and Examples to Explain the said | Rules. Also Directions for Tuning an Harpsichord or | Spinnet. | By the late Mr. Godfrey Keller.
Page 27 - ... complete in itself. The Naval History of England, in all its Branches; from the Norman Conquest in 1066 to the Conclusion of 1734. Collected from the most approved Historians, English and Foreign, Authentick Records and Manuscripts, Scarce Tracts, Original Journals, &c. With many Facts and Observations never before made Publick. By Thomas Lediard, Gent., Late Secretary to His Majesty's Envoy Extraordinary in Lower Germany. In two volumes. Folio, IV-(24)XII-394; 395 to 933 pp. London: Printed...
Page 11 - ... out their own Country in Homer, and had every Day perhaps in their Sight the Mountain or Field where such an Adventure happen'd, or such a Battle was fought. Many of 'em had often walk'd on the Banks of Helicon, or the Sides of Parnassus, and knew all the private Haunts and Retirements of the Muses : So that they liv'd as it were on Fairy Ground, and convers'd in an enchanted Region, where every Thing they look'd upon appear'd Romantic, and gave a thousand pleasing Hints to their Imaginations....
Page 28 - A Treatife of the natural Grounds and Principles of Harmony. By William Holder, "fRS A new Edition with an Appendix, containing Rules for playing a Thorow Bafsj Printed by W.
Page 21 - Lucan, in several Parts of him, are not a little beholden to Antiquity, for the Privilege I have here mention'd, who wou'd appear but very plain Men without it ; as we may the better find, if we take 'em out of their Numbers, and see how naturally they fall into low Prose. Claudian...
Page 16 - ... the Moderns can, their Pleasure still rose higher in the P.erusal of their Orators; tho' this I must confess proceeded not so much from their Precedence to us in respect of Time, as Judgment. Every City among them swarm'd with Rhetoricians, and every Senate-house was almost filled with Orators; so that they were perfectly well vers'd in all the Rules of Rhetoric, and perhaps knew several Secrets in the Art that let 'em into such Beauties of Demosthenes, or Cicero, as are not yet discovered by...

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