A Divine Invitation to Create a New World

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Xlibris Corporation, 2012 - Biography & Autobiography - 472 pages
Editorial Reviews of Divine Invitation
A Divine Proposal for a New World analyzes carefully some of the major ills of the global society and apply the relevant teachings of the Baha'i Faith as the remedy for such ills. There are very few books that address this critical connection to demonstrate to both leaders of thought and ordinary masses of people that the solution to intractable political, social, and economic problems lies in the spiritual teachings of Baha'u'llah.
Your insightful assessment of the prevailing conditions in the world backed by a wealth of statistics enables any reader to gain a clearer understanding of the gravity of catastrophes facing the humanity collectively. Your book also motivates a reader to rise above limited and individualistic perspective and seek an answer for the daunting problems afflicting mankind today. The Revelation of Baha'u'llah is skillfully introduced and His sublime words show the great potential they have to influence pure hearts and searching minds to gain a fresh spiritual perspective about the world and its needs.
Your book is intellectually satisfying and spiritually enlightening and I recommend it wholeheartedly to anyone who yearns to better understand the world we live in and seeks to improve the lot of humanity aided by the Revelation of Baha'u'llah.
Mohebat Ahdiyyih
Senior Middle East Analyst with the US Government
As someone not at all familiar with the Baha'i Faith, your book was both a learning experience and a revelation. It certainly opened my eyes and confirmed many of my passing thoughts regarding the state of our world today and the nature of our most pressing problems. Most importantly, I now have a sense that these do not just affect me personally, but instead they impact all of Humanity. In the past, I have looked for solutions at an individual level. Your book has pointed to me that, as Humanity's problems, they must be resolved at a greater universal level. What a liberation!!!! Thanks to your book, I now know that solutions can be attained at a universal level and that the Baha'i Faith provides both the knowledge and the tools to attain them. I love the fact that, following its precepts, we can embrace the future with joy and optimism..
Tamara Benson
Jewish editor and teacher
Humankind has hope! Yes, any observant person sees how horrible things are in the world today. Author Reynaldo Pareja looks at all current evils exactly in the eye and distills and documents the depth of the depressing news of today's world, then looks up to see the heights of hope heralded in a new revelation. In each chapter, woe is paired with wonder. Today's potentially paralyzing powerlessness is countered by accounts of the courage of a new people, persuaded to prepare and persevere in bringing the light and love of God to our world.
Do not check your brain at the door! You will need all your education and thoughtfulness to travel the path of perusing painful realities, then looking for soul-stirring solutions along with this author. This book is an intellectual antidote to despair over our sad state of affairs, a heartfelt answer to hopelessness, and an affirmation of humankind's ability to be our best, solve difficult problems, and work together in unity with the help of God.
Blessings to you in your journey,
Susan K. Benjamin, APR, M.B.A.
Author, Editor, and Owner/Manager of Benjamin Communication Services

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