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AuthorHouse, Aug 18, 2004 - Fiction
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A Dying Man Never Lies is a true story about a nurse encountering years of demonic and angelic spirits while on duty to finally understand and overcome her fear of death on a spiritual level. Phantom lights, demons, floating heads, and visual spirits create suspense but are written with detail to prevent the reader from dismissing the unusual occurrences as just the work of an overactive imagination. For the first time ever, I have broken the professional nursing code of rthics to bring these supernatural events to the public. Nurses and doctors discuss unexplainable activities regularly. The public never hears about it because we are taught patient confidentiality and the danger of harming our own credibility. I’ve documented over twenty years of eyewitnessed events just as they happened while working in hospitals and nursing homes. I used these experiences to help comfort my patients and their families during the death and dying process. They were so fascinated and calmed by each of the events that I decided to compose all my old notes into a book. The book consists of twenty-six chapters written in chronological order. That’s how A Dying Man Never Lies came about.

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