A Few Choice Recipes

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R. Bentley, 1883 - Cooking, English - 234 pages

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Page 139 - Slice 6 onions, 1 green apple, and 1 clove of garlic; stew them in a little good stock until they will pulp, then add 1 teaspoonful of currypowder, a few tablespoonfuls of stock, a little salt, and a little cayenne pepper, half a saltspoonful of each ; stew in this gravy any kind of meat cut into small pieces, adding a piece of butter, the size of a walnut, rolled in flour.
Page 175 - For sauce, take the rest of the chestnuts, peel and skin them, put them into some good gravy, with a little white wine; and thicken it with a piece of butter rolled in flour. Then place your fowl in the dish; pour in the sauce; garnish with lemon, and serve.
Page 18 - One quart of cream, one pound of nuts, and twelve ounces of sugar or one pint of syrup; break the nuts, and roast the kernels in the oven ; when done, pound them with a little cream, make a custard, and finish as almond ice.
Page 30 - Have ready two pans in boiling water; and on the new milk coming to the dairy, take the hot pans out of the water, put the milk into one of them, and cover it with the other. This will occasion great augmentation in the thickness and quality of the cream.
Page 214 - Rich Orangeade. Steep the yellow rinds of six China and two Seville oranges in a quart of boiling water, closely covered up for five or six hours ; then make a syrup with a pound of sugar, and three pints of water, mix the infusion and syrup together, press in the juice of a dozen China oranges, and the two Seville oranges from which the rind was taken, stir the whole well together and run it through a jelly-bag ; afterwards, if agreeable, a little orangeflower water...
Page 199 - ... taking the precaution to lay a little moss between the two prongs, and suspend the melon to this fork. In a few days the melon will resume its form, when the fork may be removed, and the operation is finished. The quality of the fruit remain!
Page 155 - KEIHMA. Squeeze the water out of a vegetable marrow, grate it small, grate some new cheese, add eggs and a small quantity of fried onions and pistachio nuts, make this into a paste, and beat it well up together. Then take some slices of vegetable marrow, or the fruit of the egg plant, spread the paste upon them rather thickly, having first put a little butter on the slices. Bake in a slow oven for half an hour. EOAST LAMB. Take the smallest lamb that you can get. Stuff him inside with rice...
Page 209 - ... Of sauces, we hold Dutch sauce to be applicable to all white-fleshed fish, except perhaps cod, when oyster sauce may be allowed. There is little mystery in the composition of oyster sauce, but lobster sauce is not so generally understood. The lobster should be chopped much smaller than ordinarily, and the sauce should be composed of three parts cream to one of butter, a slight infusion of cayenne, with salt and cavice or coratch, both which may be had of the best quality at Morell's. Lobster...
Page 74 - ... as follows : — Cut two dozen croutons in the form of a circle, fry them in clarified butter to a bright colour, and place one half on a clean baking sheet ; spread a thick layer of the above preparation on each of the croutons, then cover them with the remaining twelve croutons. Grate four ounces of Parmesan cheese and mix this with a pat of butter ; divide it into twelve parts and cover the top of each sandwich. About ten minutes before serving put them in the oven to be thoroughly warmed,...
Page 126 - Soak the rice in cold water for two hours ; then put it into a pot of boiling water and boil for half an hour, till the rice is just about to soften. Lift the pot off the fire, and pour all its contents into a cullender to strain the water off.

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