A Flight to the Moon, Or, The Vision of Randalthus

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A. Miltenberger, 1813 - Moon - 185 pages

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Page 11 - ... the purity of their hearts. They are extremely quick in their motions, and equally quick of apprehension. They are fonder of music, painting and poetry, than philosophy and abstract studies, which they say only tend to bewilder the mind without either amusing the fancy or adding to the comforts of life.
Page 180 - Thay say, that the gods could not form man from imperfect matter without some alloy to his happiness ; but gave him woman to remove the evil, and afford a balm to his every sorrow.
Page 11 - Their complexion is of a beautiful golden cast; their cheeks and lips are tiped with a lively red; their eyes blue; and their golden hair oft falls down their shoulders in beautiful ringlets. There is great symmetry and delicacy in their shape and features ; and they move with inimitable grace.
Page 95 - ... saint, who, having literally burst the chains of death and escaped the persecutions of a bigoted or blood-thirsty world, beholds the gate of heaven opening to receive him, sees the light of the countenance of the Great Eternal, hears the melting sounds of golden harps, the joyful acclamation of innumerable hosts of angels; and meets all the joys of ever-lasting felicity
Page 36 - ... that the Lord of the universe then bent from his awful throne, and beheld the brilliant scene with joy.
Page 183 - I awaked ; walked towards my dwelling and thought it my duty to be satisfied on the world on which I was destined to exist!
Page 42 - True Poetry, built on such a foundation, has expanded and raised men's minds above this earth from the beginning of the world, and will continue to do so until the world shall be no more, and that Heaven opens to which it so clearly points.
Page 165 - ... the blood that different sects and different tribes have shed in support of their religious tenets.
Page 167 - I acknowledge to be very subtle < but by refined disputation we may reason ourselves out of the plainest truths ; and it as often tends to perplex as to direct our just conclusions.

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