A Forgiving at Assisi: A Memoir

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AuthorHouse, Sep 12, 2006 - Family & Relationships - 288 pages
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The news came at 4:29 a.m.  My father had just died at the age of 102. Then came the real shock.  This man, who always kept his family at a poverty level and who never earned more than $4,000 in any year, had secretly accumulated an estate of two million dollars. The bulk of this was left to a university for scholarships.  My being virtually disinherited was the final rejection in a lifetime full of rejections.

How does one survive and surmount any rejection?  My long emotional journey ultimately led me to read again my father's amazingly detailed personal diary that he had kept for over eighty years. I discovered that the writings of Benjamin Franklin had enormous influence on him from a very early age. He carried Ben's ideas on food, family, and finances to exaggerated extremes, becoming a true and miserable miser, living like a pauper.  His life paralleled Ben's life in many uncanny ways, even to the final act of disinheriting his only son.

Within this book are some clues and guidelines to dealing with life's hurts and disappointments, whether they are major crises or just small annoyances.  First, we have to find ways to understand the situation.  Second, we must accept the situation as it is, and go on from there.  And finally, peace can only come when we forgive the people involved.  This three-stage process, though very difficult, can truly bring about healing.


"Thank you for sharing your story on how you overcame and learned to Forgive.  Keep On, Keeping On!  Life's not fair but God is good!  Look at your accomplishments."

Pastor Robert H. Schuller, Crystal Cathedral


"I think you're a hero—a brave and honorable man."

Jane Berentson, Senior Editor, Worth


"I feel proud to know you, and to know that you have persevered in wrestling down this mystery so that it wouldn't have to be an unknown which would haunt you for all the rest of your days."

Dr. Paul G. Watermulder, Senior Pastor,

First Presbyterian Church, Burlingame, California

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About the author (2006)

After receiving his graduate degree in journalism from Columbia University, Roger Holmes Wood worked briefly for Fortune and the Associated Press in New York. Then he came to California, where he was a daily newspaper editor and teacher, both in high schools and colleges.

He is a Certified Financial Planner and has been a New York Life agent since1954. Research from his Ph.D., along with ideas from talking with the hundreds of fellow travelers on forty-three Elderhostel trips he has taken to most areas of the world, were used in his Life is a Four-letter Word.

He has been a San Francisco resident since 1945, and experienced the protests, riots and oil spill cleanup work described in When Tankers Collide,

After careful study of his parent's diaries, kept for decades, he was finally able to understand, accept and forgive his father. The man had lived his life as a miser and a pauper, but was able to secretly accumulate an estate of almost two million dollars. However, he virtually disinherited his family by setting up college scholarships when he had no interest in the education of his own children. This story is in his memoir A Forgiving at Assisi.

He has been married since 1947 to Phyllis Anderson Wood, the author of thirteen young adult novels.

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