A General Abridgement of Law and Equity: Alphabetically Digested Under Proper Titles; with Notes and References to the Whole, Band 11

G.G.J. and J. Robinson, 1805

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Seite 74 - Prius, he is stated to have holden that the tenant who had erected a barn upon the premises, and put it upon pattens and blocks of timber lying upon the ground, but not fixed in or to the ground, might by the custom of the country take them away at the end of his term.
Seite 423 - I find it laid down, that, where a ship is obliged to put into port for the benefit of the whole concern, the charges of loading and unloading the cargo and taking care of it, and the wages and provisions of the workmen hired for the repairs, become general average.
Seite 481 - ... leased for one, two or three lives, or for any term of years determinable upon the death of one, two or three lives, upon reserved rents...
Seite 182 - ... common, eo nomine, as tenant in common, can never bar his companion ; because such possession is not adverse to the right of his companion, but in support of their common title ; and by paying him his share, he acknowledges him co-tenant: nor indeed is a refusal to pay of itself sufficient, without denying his title. But if upon demand by the co-tenant of his moiety, the other denies to pay, and denies his title, saying he claims the whole and will not pay, and continues " in possession, such...
Seite 343 - each is entitled to be allowed as against the other everything he has advanced or brought in as a partnership transaction, and to charge the other in the account with what that other has not brought in, or has taken out more than he ought.
Seite 148 - That the said right claimed by the People of Ireland to be bound only by laws enacted by his Majesty and the Parliament of that Kingdom, in all cases whatever...
Seite 163 - A juror may himself be examined on oath of voir dire veritatem, dicere, with regard to such causes of challenge as are not to his dishonor or discredit ; but not with regard to any crime, or any thing which tends to his disgrace or disadvantage.
Seite 92 - High Treason, whereby any Corruption of Blood may or shall be made to any such Offender or Offenders, or to any the Heir or Heirs of any such Offender or Offenders, or of...
Seite 152 - an action for money had and received by the defendant for the use of the plaintiff.
Seite 31 - ... by virtue of any law now in being or hereafter to be made, and the time and manner of their...

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