A General History and Collection of Voyages and Travels, Volume 8

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Robert Kerr
W. Blackwood, 1813 - Voyages and travels

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Page 112 - health than in the other three ships was this : He brought with him to sea several bottles of lemon juice, of which he gave to each man, as long as it would last, three spoonfuls every morning fasting, not suffering them to eat any thing
Page 119 - worm is entirely turned into tree, it rooteth in the earth, and so becomes great. This transformation is one of the strangest wonders that I saw in all my travels : For, if this tree is plucked up while young, and the leaves and bark stripped
Page 139 - will and pleasure. The passage to the East India lieth in 62^ degrees, by the north-west on the America side.* Your very loving friend, JAMES LANCASTER. "When this letter was delivered to the Hector, together with his orders for her departure, the general expected she would have gone off from us in the night, according to
Page 3 - because the river is shallow in many places; and when people travel in the months of July, August, and September, the water being then at the lowest, they have to carry a spare boat or two along with them, to lighten their own boats in case of grounding on the shoals. We were
Page 119 - twig growing up like a young tree, and on offering to pluck it up, it shrinks down to the ground, and sinks, unless held very hard. On being plucked up, a great worm is
Page 119 - it becomes a hard stone when dry, much like white coral: Thus is this worm twice transformed into different natures. Of these we gathered and brought home many. The editor of
Page 102 - and America, and all the islands, ports, havens, cities, creeks, towns, and places of the same, or any of them, beyond the Cape of Good Hope to the Straits of Magellan, for fifteen years, from
Page 115 - and are very tractable and of familiar manners, yet seemed valiant. Most of their food is rice, with some fish; yet while we were there we could get very little rice to purchase, as their store was far spent, and their harvest near at hand. There are two or three watering places on the north part of this
Page 47 - two-handed swords, pikes, muskets, and targets, so that we were well laden with weapons, but had neither courage nor discretion, for we staid at our tents besieged by savages and cows.. We were in muster giants, with great armed bodies; but in action babes with wrens
Page 139 - perceive by the course I take in venturing my own life, and those that are with me. I cannot tell where you should look for me, if you send any pinnace to seek me; because I live at the devotion of the winds and seas. And thus, fare you well, praying God to send us a merry meeting in this world,

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