A General History and Collection of Voyages and Travels, Volume 12

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Robert Kerr
W. Blackwood, 1814 - Voyages and travels

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Page 396 - a short time be frozen to death, he answered, that he desired nothing but to lie down and die : The doctor did not so explicitly renounce his life; he said he was willing to go on, but that he must first take some sleep, though he had before told the company that to
Page 422 - with the inhabitants of King George's Island. I. To endeavour, by every fair means, to cultivate a friend* ship with the natives; and to treat them with all imaginable humanity. II. A proper person or persons will be appointed to trade with the natives for all manner of provisions, fruit, and other productions of the earth ; and no officer
Page 401 - fig-leaf. The men wear their cloak open, the women tie it about their waist with a thong. But although they are content to be naked, they are very ambitious to be fine. Their faces were painted in various forms: The region of the eye was in genera]
Page 487 - of Oamo and Oberea, and the principal piece of Indian architecture in the island. It was a pile of stone-work, raised pyramidically, upon an oblong base, or square, two hundred and sixtyseven feet long, and eighty-seven wide. It was built like the small pyramidal mounts upon which we sometimes fix the
Page 462 - a common name for every public exhibition ; and as it would necessarily bring many people together, and there was a chance of my being among them with his other friends, he rose, and made the best of his way towards it. He was soon led by the lights and the sound to the hut
Page 422 - No sort of iron, or any thing that is made of iron, or any sort of cloth, or other useful or necessary articles, are to be given in exchange for any thing but provision.
Page 409 - land, but in the latitude and longitude of the places they contain. I will, however, venture to assert, that the longitude of few parts of the world is better ascertained than that of the Streight of Le Maire, and Cape Horn, in the chart now alluded to; as it was laid down by
Page 295 - them, they were all stark naked, except a few ornaments made of shells upon their arms and legs. They had, however, adopted a practice without which none of our belles and beaux are supposed to be. completely drest, for the hair, or rather the wool, upon their heads, was very abundantly powdered with
Page 399 - destitute of provisions, except a vulture, which they happened to shoot while they were out, and which, if equally divided, would not afford each of them half a meal; and they knew not how much more they might suffer from the cold, as the snow still continued to fall. A dreadful
Page 437 - Upon this occasion it may be observed, that these people have a knowledge of right and wrong from the mere dictates of natural conscience; and involuntarily condemn themselves when they do that to others, which they would condemn others for

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