A German Reader for Beginners: With an Introduction on English-German Cognates, Notes and Vocabulary

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D.C. Heath & Company, 1900 - German language - 208 pages

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Page 214 - Erzählungen, I. With vocabulary and questions in German on the text. Cloth. 162 pages. 60 cts. Guerber's Märchen und Erzählungen, П. With vocabulary. Follows the above or serves as independent reader. Cloth. 202 pages. 65 cts. Joynes's German Reader. Progressive, both in text and notes, has a complete vocabulary, also English Exercises. Half leather, 90 cts. Cloth, 75 cts. Deutsch
Page 215 - Träumereien (van der Smissen). Vocabulary. 40 cts. Volkmann's Kleine Geschichten (Bernhardt). Vocabulary. 30 cts. Easy Selections for Sight Translation (Deering). 15 cts. Storm's Geschichten aus der Tonne (Vogel). Vocabulary. 40 cts.
Page 214 - Half leather. 80 cts. Harris's German Lessons. Elementary Grammar and Exercises for a short course, or as introductory to advanced grammar. Cloth. 60 cts. Sheldon's Short German Grammar. For those who want to begin reading as soon as possible, and have had training in some other languages. Cloth.
Page 215 - Das kalte Herz (van der Smissen). Vocab. Roman type. 40 cts. Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves. No notes. 20 cts. Schiller's Der Taucher (van der Smissen). Vocabulary. 12 cts. Schiller's Der Neffe als Onkel (Beresford-Webb). Notes and vocab. 30 cts. Goethe's Das Märchen (Eggert). Vocabulary. 30 cts. Baumbach's Waldnovellen (Bernhardt). Six stories. Vocabulary. 35 cts. Spyri's Rosenresli (Boll). Vocabulary. 25 cts. Spyri's Moni der Geissbub. With vocabulary by HA Guerber. 25 cts. Zschokke's Der zerbrochene...
Page 215 - Nein (Spanhoofd). Vocabulary and exercises. 25 cts. Benedix's Der Prozess (Wells). Vocabulary. 20 cts. Zschokke's Das Wirtshaus zu Cransac (Joynes). Vocabulary and English Exercises. 30 cts. Zschokke's Das Abenteuer der Neujahrsnacht (Handschin) . Vocab.
Page 215 - Der Geissbub von Engelberg ( Bernhardt). Vocab. 40 cts. Elz's Er ist nicht eifersüchtig. With vocabulary by Prof.BW Wells. 25 cts. Carmen Sylva's Aus meinem Königreich (Bernhardt). Vocabulary. 35 cts.
Page 214 - Colloquial German Reader. Anecdotes, tables of phrases and idioms, and selections in prose and verse, with notes and vocabulary. Cloth. 90 cts. Boisen's German Prose Reader. Easy and interesting selections of graded prose, with notes, and an Index which serves as a vocabulary.
Page 114 - The definite article is often used instead of the possessive adjective when there can be no doubt as to the possessor.
Page 105 - Sanb 1o (SolIft bu auf§ £>erj mir legen; Фie ^linte gieb mir in bie £>anb, Unb gürt
Page 130 - УЛЬрнш is the name of a little Italian girl, who had been stolen by a troop of rope-dancers and taken to Germany, where Wilhelm Meister, the chief character in Goethe's " Wilhelm Meisters Lehrjahre,

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