A German Grammar: a companion to Dr. Ahn's German Method

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Page 34 - Rules of Conjugation. 226. Certain strong verbs undergo modification or change of the root vowel in the second and third persons singular of the present indicative and in the imperative singular. (a) Nearly all those which have the vowel e in the first person of the present change it into i or ie in the second and third, and in the second person singular of the imperative, short e becoming short i, and long e becoming ie. For instance...
Page 11 - Werben fein; id) werbe gewefen fein bu Werbeft gewefen fein er werbe gewefen fein wir werben gewefen fein tfjr werbet gewefen fein fie Werben gewefen fein.
Page 13 - II. id) werbe geworben fein bu werbeft geworben fein er werbe geworben fein wir werben geworben fein ihr werbet geworben fein fie werben geworben fein.
Page 9 - Perfect. ich habe gehabt,* / have had.' du hast gehabt, tltou hast had. er hat gehabt, he has had. wir haben gehabt, we have had. ihr habt gehabt, you have had.
Page 20 - Зd) werbe gelobt werben bu wirft gelobt werben er wirb gelobt werben wir werben gelobt werben ibr werbet gelobt werben fie werben gelobt werben SECOND I shall have been praised. &c.
Page 16 - Lobe (du) praise (thou). Lobe er let him praise. Loben wir let us praise. Lobet (ihr) praise yc.

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