A German Reader for Beginners, with an Introduction on English-German Cognates, Notes and Vocabulary

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D.C. Heath & Company, 1900 - German language - 208 pages

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Page 212 - Eggert. 35 cts. Stifter's Das Haidedorf. A little prose idyl, with notes by Professor Heller of Washington University, St. Louis.
Page 209 - German Grammar. For those who want to begin reading as soon as possible and have had training in some other languages. Cloth. 60 cts. Babbitt's German at Sight.
Page 214 - English exercises based on the text. 35 cts. Davies's Elementary Scientific French Reader. Confined to Scientific French. With notes and vocabulary. 40 cts. Heath's French-English and English-French Dictionary. Recommended as fully adequate for the ordinary wants of students. Retail price, $1.50. Complete Catalogue of Modern Language Texts sent on request.
Page 214 - Lyon and Larpent's Primary French Translation Book. An easy beginning reader, with very full notes, vocabulary, and English exercises based on the latter part of the text.
Page 209 - With vocabulary. Follows the above or serves as independent reader. Cloth. 202 pages. 65 cts.
Page 210 - Paper. 53 pages. 20 cts. Schiller's Der Taucher. With notes and vocabulary by Professor Van der Smissen of the University of Toronto. Paper. 24 pages.
Page 214 - Edgren's French Grammar, Part I. For those who wish to learn quickly to read French. 35 cts.
Page 212 - Paper. 48 pages. 15 cts. Benedix's Die Hochzeitsreise. With notes by Natalie Schiefferdecker, of Abbott Academy. Boards. 68 pages. 25 cts. Arnold's Fritz auf Ferien. With notes by AW Spanhoofd, Director of German in the High Schools of Washington, DC Boards.
Page 214 - Exercises. \Vith notes and vocabulary. 20 cts. Houghton's French by Reading. Begins with interlinear, and gives in the course of the book the whole of elementary grammar, with reading matter, notes, and vocabulary.
Page 210 - s Das kalte Herz. Notes and vocabulary by Professor van der Smissen, University of Toronto. Boards. 192 pages. (Roman type.) 40 cts. Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves. With introduction by Professor Grandgent of Harvard University. No notes.

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