A Glossary of Botanic Terms: With Their Derivation and Accent

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Duckworth & Company; Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott Company, 1900 - Botany - 327 pages

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Page 247 - ... gamete. Spermatophytes (seed plants). The highest great group of plants, of which a characteristic structure is the seed. Spike. A flower cluster, having its flowers sessile on an elongated axis. Spikelet (diminutive of spike). A secondary spike ; in grasses, the ultimate flower cluster, consisting of one or more flowers subtended by a common pair of glumes. Sporangium (spore vessel) ; pi. sporangia. The spore-producing structure.
Page 106 - Baldwin (10) gives the following definition of the term fruit:" (1) strictly, the pericarp and its seeds, the fertilized and developed ovary; (2) widely, the matured pericarp and its contents with any external part which is an integral portion of it".
Page 324 - Glossaire de botanique ou Dictionnaire étymologique de tous les noms et termes relatifs à cette science...
Page 312 - ... less deep, and pervades a region of smaller extent. Equalled only in its importance by the two basal principles of Heredity and Variation, this principle of Isolation constitutes the third pillar of a tripod on which is reared the whole superstructure of organic evolution. By isolation I mean simply the prevention of intercrossing between a separated section of a species or kind and the rest of that species or kind. Whether such a separation be due to geographical barriers, to migration, or to...
Page 79 - Disk, (1) an outgrowth of the receptacle within the calyx or within the corolla and stamens ; (2) the central part of the head (all but the rays) in Composite.
Page 212 - ... large pores visible to the naked eye. See ring-porous and diffuse-porous. Posterior. The back side of a flower, next to the axis of Inflorescence. Prickle. A small spine growing from the bark. Procumbent. Lying flat, with the long axis in a horizontal direction. Protoplasm. The living matter of cells, Into which all nourishment Is taken and from which all parts are formed. Puberulent. Minutely pubescent.
Page 125 - Homceosis consists in the assumption by one member of a meristic series of the form or character proper to...
Page 28 - Axil, the angle formed between the axis and any organ which arises from it, as a leaf or shoot from the stem or branch. Balati, foreign (India), hence

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