A Grammar of General Geography: For the Use of Schools and Young Persons. With Maps and Engravings

Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown, 1821 - 192 páginas

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Página 114 - Rectify the globe for the latitude of the place, find the sun's place in the ecliptic and bring it to the brass meridian, and set the index of the hour circle to 12.
Página 117 - As the terrestrial globe by turning on its axis represents the real diurnal motion of the earth ; so the celestial globe, by turning on its axis, represents the apparent motion of the heavens.
Página 104 - To find the difference of longitude between any two places. — Rule. Bring one of the places to the brazen meridian...
Página 99 - A democracy is a republican state, wherein the supreme power is placed in the hands of rulers, chosen by and from the whole body of the people^ or by their representatives assembled in a congress or national assembly, as the United States of America, which elect their president every four years.
Página 88 - All rivers run into the sea, and therefore carry some salt with them ; but no rivers run out of it, nor is any water taken out of it, except by exhalation and evaporation ; and no salt ascends in either of these ways ; it has consequently been inferred, without supposing great beds of salt originally deposited in the bottom of the sea, that the immense number of rivers which run into it, carry with them a sufficient quantity of salt to give...
Página 106 - ... because every 15 degrees is equal to one hour of time ; and, consequently, also, every degree is equal to four minutes of time. For example, when it is noon at London, it will be...
Página 98 - That state wherein the monarch has only a part of the supreme power in common with some of his subjects, (as the nobility, clergy, and commons,) and is bound to observe the fundamental laws or constitution of the kingdom, is called a limited monarchy. Obs.
Página 121 - Bodies rise, set, or come to the Meridian. Rectify the globe to the latitude of the place ; bring the sun's place in the ecliptic to the meridian, and set the index to 12.
Página 110 - ... then bring the given place to the meridian, and set the index to the given hour. Turn the globe till the index points to twelve at noon ; and the place exactly under the sun's declination on the brazen meridian will have the sun vertical at the given time.
Página 45 - Palestine; on the south, by the Indian Ocean ; on the east, by the Gulfs of Bassora and Ormuz ; and on the west by the Red Sea, which separates it from Egypt.

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