A Greek Grammar, for Schools and Colleges

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D. Appleton, 1866 - Greek language - 366 pages
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Page 360 - themselves that the pains bestowed will Insure for It a preference over other editions. Caesar's Commentaries on the Gallic War. With English Notes, Critical and Explanatory ; a Lexicon, Geographical and Historical Indexes, a Map of Gaul, &c. By Rev. J. Л. SPENCER, DD 12mo, 408 pages. In the preparation of
Page 362 - after given examples and with given words; the principles employed being those of Imitation and very frequent repetition. It Is at once a Syntax, a Vocabulary, and an Exercise book. The «Second Part "carries the subject further, unfolding the most complicated constructions, and the nicest
Page 360 - for the use of students, It Is altogether superior to any edition of Livy with which I am acquainted. Among its excellencies you will permit me to name the close attention given to particles, to the subjunctive mood, the constant reference to the grammars, the discrimination of words nearly synonymous, and the care in
Page 357 - portions as give a Connected History of the East to the Fall of Babylon and the Death of Cyrus the Great By HERMAN M. JOHNSON, DD, Professor of Philosophy and English Literature in Dickinson College. 12mo, 186 pages.
Page 355 - copious Greek-English Vocabulary, and Kiepert's Map of the Route of the Ten Thousand. 12mo, 268 pages. Xenophon's Memorabilia of Socrates : With Notes and an Introduction. By RDC ROBBINS, Professor of Languages in Middlesex College, Vermont. 12mo, 421 pages. This will be found an exceedingly useful book for College classes. The text is large and distinct, the typography accurate,
Page 361 - country, In England and on the Continent holds a high place In the estimation of classical Instructors. The Interesting character of its subject, the elegance of Its style and the purity of its moral sentiments, ought to place It at least on a par with
Page 360 - of the New Testament Ever since Its first appearance, this work has kept Its place In the general esteem; while more recent versions have been so strongly tinged with the peculiar views of the translators as to make them acceptable to particular classes only. The editor has exerted himself to render the present edition worthy
Page 362 - First Book," in which the elementary principles of the language are unfolded, not in abstract language, difficult both to comprehend and to remember, but as practically applied in sentences. Throughout the whole the pupil sees Jnst where he stands, and is taught to use and apply what he learns.
Page 361 - by Professor Wm. Henry Crosby. It Is seldom that a classical book Is submitted to mo for examination, to which I can give so hearty a recommendation as to this. The external appearance is attractive; the paper, type, and binding being just what a text-book should be, neat,
Page 3 - Alpha Bêta Gamma Delta Epsilon Zêta Eta Thêta Iota Kappa Lambda Mu ' Nu' Xi Omicron Pi Rhô Sigma Tau Upsilon Phi Chi Psi Oméga

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